NATO Must Act in Ukraine NOW!

March 23, 2022

By Ariana Gic, Roman Sohn,

Why NATO must act in Ukraine NOW!

Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine has the objective of extinguishing Ukraine as an independent nation.
Russian armed forces are obliterating Ukraine with terrorist tactics which have caused the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War.
Russian armed forces commit war crimes and crimes against humanity on an industrial scale.
NATO's intervention in Ukraine would be absolutely legitimate and lawful.
NATO is the only actionable force to implement the will of the international community to stop Russian aggression.
The objective of NATO's mission in Ukraine will be to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe which carries international consequences far beyond Ukrainian borders.
NATO must defend its values of liberty, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law from rogue terrorist Putin’s Russia.

NATO Must Act in Ukraine NOW!

We, the undersigned political leaders, experts, and representatives of civil society of Ukraine and of various countries around the world, call on the governments of NATO member states to act on your commitment to defend our common values of liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which are under attack by Russia.

As people across continents witness the heartbreaking suffering of Ukrainian people under barbaric Russian attack, governments of NATO countries are at a decisive moment in history which demands a resolute action to finally stop Vladimir Putin’s rogue regime.

We ask the leaders of NATO countries to acknowledge three key points.

One, Putin’s Russia has become an outlaw terrorist state threatening world peace.

Two, Russia is waging a genocidal war on Ukraine to extinguish Ukraine as an independent nation.

Three, Russia’s main objective is to see the end of the rules-based international order.

That is why we call on NATO nations to embrace their historical mission to protect the future of the free world by taking action in Ukraine now.

We must all stand united to act because:

Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine has the objective of extinguishing Ukraine as an independent nation. Russian armed forces are obliterating Ukraine with terrorist tactics which have caused the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Russian armed forces commit war crimes and crimes against the humanity on an industrial scale:

  • The Russian army is directly targeting civilians. In only four short weeks, Russia has killed and wounded many thousands of civilians, including children and infants.
  • Russia is deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure, including critical infrastructure, and erasing whole Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages making them uninhabitable.
  • Russia captured two Ukrainian nuclear power plants and created a risk of a regional environmental catastrophe.
  • Russia is using nuclear blackmail against Ukraine and the world.
  • Russia is conducting mass expulsions of people from the cities it has captured, forcibly relocating them.
  • Russian soldiers are abducting, torturing, sexually assaulting, and raping Ukrainian civilians on the orders of the higher Russian political and military command to intimidate and terrorize the civilian population.
  • Russian forces are persecuting Ukrainians for ethnicity, language, religion, and political views.
  • Russian forces are engaged in the unlawful appropriation and plunder of private and public property, including homes, businesses, factories, places of worship, etc.
  • Russian forces are deliberately destroying food storage facilities, appropriating thousands of tons of Ukrainian wheat, and destroying critical infrastructure of the agricultural industry thereby exposing millions to the risk of starvation in Ukraine and food shortages in other countries.
  • Russia’s war has already displaced over 10 million people, with more than 3 million seeking refuge abroad.
  • In the midst of a once in a century pandemic, Russia’s war has forced millions of people into conditions of elevated risk of becoming infected with COVID, adding further risk to their health and lives.

NATO's intervention in Ukraine would be absolutely legitimate and lawful.

  • As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia is unlawfully preventing any effective action of the Security Council under the UN Charter to restore peace in Ukraine and prevent further humanitarian crisis.
  • On March 2, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly, in a vote with overwhelming support, recognized Russia's war as unlawful and demanded that Moscow immediately completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from Ukraine.
  • On March 16, 2022 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its order for Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine, including by any irregular armed units directed or supported by Moscow.
  • Ukraine may enter into agreements with NATO or any country willing to offer military help to Ukraine based on the UN Charter which secures Ukraine's right of collective self-defence against an armed attack.

NATO is the only actionable force to implement the will of the international community to stop Russian aggression.

It is a chance for NATO to redefine itself in the twenty first century. The longer Moscow is allowed to drop dumb bombs and use precision missiles to level Ukrainian cities, the greater the scale and cost of destruction will be to the path of NATO’s involvement.

The objective of NATO's mission in Ukraine will be to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe which carries international consequences far beyond Ukrainian borders.

Morality should not end at NATO borders. NATO’s first action in Ukraine should be to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine to protect civilian life and critical infrastructure, including Ukraine’s nuclear infrastructure, from intentional or accidental destruction by Russian forces. For that purpose, NATO can deploy anti-air defence systems and air drones to intercept Russian missiles targeting civilian populated areas in the sky over Ukraine.

We encourage NATO nations to form a united front at a time of unprecedented challenge to global peace and security which will define the future of our world for decades to come.

All our nations stand to lose from the unraveling of the rules-based international order. If we want the world to prosper, global security must take priority over limited national or commercial interests.

We call on NATO nations to provide all material, financial, and military assistance to the government of Ukraine to help it defend the country and defeat the aggressor.

By thwarting Russia’s aggressive regime in Ukraine, NATO nations will also be protecting the peace and security of the entire European continent and beyond. Help Ukraine to save Europe.

And finally, we call on the leaders of NATO nations to find the resolve to act on our joint responsibility to protect humanity from repeating the devastating lesson of history of the twentieth century when a fascist regime threatening world peace was not stopped in time.

About authors:

Ariana Gic

Political and legal analyst, Director, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine. Sanctioned by the Russian Federation.

Roman Sohn

Legal expert, Chairman, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine



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Professor, Institute of Philosophy of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Yuliya Bidenko, Ukraine

PhD in Political Science, Associate Professor at Karazin Kharkiv National University

Stepan Yakymiak, Ukraine

PhD, Head of Department of the Naval Forces, National Defense University of Ukraine

Oleksandr Potiekhin, Ukraine

Institute of World History NAS of Ukraine

Zoja Skrynnyk, Ukraine

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Marta Konovalova, Ukraine

Associate professor Marta Konovalova, Ukraine

Kateryna Ivashchenko, Ukraine

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences

Volodymyr Kuznietsov, Ukraine

National Academy of Sciences

Marie-Josée Ayotte, Canada


Sergiy Silich, México

National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics

Igor Girka, Ukraine

Professor, V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University

Bohdan Novosyadlyj, Ukraine

Professor, Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Oleksiy Panych, Ukraine

Professor of philosophy, translator, public activist

Guseva Natalia, Ukraine

Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Bohdan Tsizh, Ukraine

Stepan Gzhytskyi Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies

Valery Zhdanov, Ukraine

Professor of astrophysics

Yakiv Pavlenko, Ukraine

MAO, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Roman Serbyn,Canada

Professor of History, University of Quebec in Montreal

Yangbo Du, USA

Managing Director, Sustainable Development Investment Finance Partnership

Oleksandr StehniiiIn, Ukraine

Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences

Olga Ivashchenko, Ukraine

Snr. Research Fellow, National Academy of Sciences

Dmytro Bibik, Ukraine

Ambassador, Kyiv-Mohyla School of Governance

Tamara Lazarenko, Ukraine

Lecturer at Kyiv national university

Marharyta Domnich, Estonia

Junior Research Fellow, University of Tartu

Francesco Nicoli, Italy

Gent University

Bevzenko Lyubov, Ukraine

Doctor of Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology of National Academy of Sciences

Yatskiv Yaroslav, Ukraine

Member of the National Academy of Sciences

Alexander Gabovich, Ukraine

Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences

Slava Khavrus, Ukraine

National Academy of Sciences

Sergiy Mashchenko,Canada

McMaster University

Alexandre Met-Domestici, France

Associate Professor, Sciences-Po, Aix-en-Provence

Oleksiy Kolezhuk, Ukraine

Professor, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Oleksandr Tovstolytkin, Ukraine

Institute of Magnetism of the NAS of Ukraine and MES of Ukraine

Don Nichol, Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mykola Kharchenko, Ukraine

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Preston MacDougall, USA

Chemistry Professor at Middle Tennessee State University

Elizabeth Leonard, USA

History Professor, Emerita

Anssi Rantakari, Finland


David McDuff, United Kingdom


Lutz Mattner, Germany

Professor of mathematics, University of Trier

Robert Dobbs, USA


Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik, Ukraine

Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences

Petra Jesenska, Slovakia

English teacher at MAtej Bel University

Bohdan Klid, Canada

Research Associate, University of Alberta

Orest Chevtchik, United Kingdom

Medical Doctor

Dr. Dick Zoutman, Canada

Physician and Professor

Kateryna Ivashchenko, Ukraine

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences

Andy J. Semotiuk, Canada

Pace Law Firm

Ievgen Vorobiov, Ukraine

Public policy consultant

Damian Kolodiy, USA

DK Productions

Jim Lawrence, USA

Axis Mundi Media

Chaim Boyarksy, Canada


Mark Strychar-Bodnar, Canada


Nataliia Steele, USA

Maxim Kraemer, USA

Katherine Kraemer, USA

Fred Kushnir, Canada

Lesia Waschuk, Canada

Tanya H Mykytiuk, Canada

Tatiana Samoylova, USA

Alexandre Samoylov, USA

Michael Craig Steele, USA

Kelley Willers, USA

Iryna Danylyuk, USA

Liubov Danyliuk, USA

Olga Cayon, USA

Maria Boyko-Diakonow, Canada

Uliana Gic, Canada

Patricia Washchyshyn, Canada

Trevor Parker, Canada

Jenny Ayers, Canada

Brian Schroeder, Canada

Catherine Prendergast, USA

Lida Gic, Canada

Adriana Willson, Canada

Giovana Lemke, USA

Roman Korol, Canada

Bulbul Hossain, Germany

Claire McConnell, Ireland

Vladislav Burlutskiy, USA

Vassyl A Lonchyna, USA

Pete Shmigel, Australia

Adrianna Melnyk, USA

Pavlo Gintov, USA


Alexander Grushevsky, Ukraine

International Development Consultant "Geo Consulting"

Peter Nelson, Canada

Sheila Esposito, USA

Larysa Zariczniak, Canada

Roman Gic, Canada


Michael Bubna, Canada

Jasmin Mujanović, USA


Don SIrko, Canada

Financial Advisor

Svetlana Maliarska, Canada

Nadia Yanchuk, Canada

Real estate agent

David Lindsey, USA

Ann Semotiuk, Canada

Andrew Kolody, Canada

Kristofer Harrison, USA

Independant Consultant

Vasilina Orlova, USA

Raiko Aasa, Estonia

Vadym Cherkasov, Ukraine

Samantha Boucher, USA

Progressive Campaign Manager

Brett Beletz, USA

Slawka Riley, Canada

Kelly Colvard-Walter, USA

Pavlo Lopata, Canada

Mary Lopata, Canada

Eduard Medvedev, Ukraine

Morris Ilyniak, Canada

Zirka Burko, Canada

Josée Desrosiers, Canada

Irena Fedchun, Canada


Emilia, Pasternak, Canada


Carl D. Colburn, USA

Catherine Astolfo, Canada

Retired School Principal

Maria Rykaluk, Canada

Vast Newmerzhycky, USA

Pavlo Skorokhodko, Ukraine

Actor, Dubbing director

Olof Josefsson, Sweden

Ivana Mattucci, Canada

Dmytro Doblevych, Canada

Yevgen Kashchenko, USA

Zachary Prezkuta, USA

Optical Science

Valentyna Telychenko, Ukraine

Anna Danile, Ukraine

Thomas Martinez, USA

Ksenia Maryniak, Canada

CIUS Editor, Certified Translator

Halyna Lee, Hong Kong

Chairman of Landel Holdings (H. K.) Ltd

Marika Owens, Canada

Natalie Wicker, USA

Kristen Luna, USA

Yuliya Yushchenko, Canada

Lev Havryliv, Australia

Medical practitioner

Oleksandr Senyk, Ukraine


Eduard Zaidenbaum, Ukraine


Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko, Ukraine

Mykhailo Golub, Ukraine

Nataliya Golimbiyevska, Canada

Robert O'Donnell, Ireland

Post-grad politics student

Andrew Alexin, Ukraine

Albina Shuyska, Denmark


Galyna Shuba, USA

Nandapriya Das, Denmark


Ihor Cap, Canada

Dr., Technical Training Coordinator

Sonia Henry, Australia

Medical practitioner

Marina Matakula, Ukraine

International sales manager

Kristo Enn Vaga, Estonia

Shaporenko Serhii, Ukraine

Mindaugas Paulavicius, Luxembourg

Kateryna Skyba, Ukraine

Self employed in IT

Sergiy Gusovsky, Ukraine

Maria Sheremeta, USA


Oleksii Rukin, Ukraine

Dmytro Potekhin, Ukraine

Yulia Yefremova-Fuseau, France


Yuliia Hordzei - ULIA LORD, Ukraine

Ukrainian singer and songwriter, the Honored Artist of Ukraine

Mark Ferrand, United Kingdom

Andrii Furmaniuk, Ukraine

Software developer

Metin Yılmaz, Turkey

Mykhaylo Demkiv, Ukraine

Financial analyst

Taras Prokopyshyn, Ukraine

Media manager

Gaspar Šabad, Estonia

Ivan Syniepalov, Ukraine


Yevhenii Kruk, Ukraine

National Philharmony Lviv, Ukraine

Ben Young, USA


Anna Palenyik, Netherlands


Walter Derzko, Canada

Moris Jankiwsky, Canada

Julita Mahun, Canada


Steven Albury, Denmark


Alina Vitukhnovskaya, Russian Federation

Writer, politician

Nazar Stryhun, Ukraine

The Telnyuk Sisters

Volodymyr Valkov, Ukraine

Serafyma Bugakova, Ukraine

Anna Stoikova, Switzerland

Suden Les Roches

Andriy Pavlyshyn, Ukraine

Ukrainian PEN

Yaroslav Zadorovskyy, Ukraine

Marketing Director

Maksym Sviezhentsev, Ukraine

Marek Menkiszak, Poland

Olha Kuzmych, Ukraine

Technical Engineer at Covizmo

Jan Popiel, Canada

Mariya Jose, Ukraine

Ivan Vovk, Austria

Tetyana Kuzmych, Ukraine

Financial director

Vakhtang Kebuladze, Ukraine


Sonya Hlutkowsky Soutus, Ukraine


Darcia Parada, USA


Rostyslav Domishevskyi, Ukraine

Song writer, art-event director, musician producer

Boris Derow, Canada

Singer, arranger, conductor, plumber

Bogdan Motuzenko, Ukraine

Monika Weigand, Germany

Civil Society Activist

Kevin Zaplotinsky, Canada

Process operator

Iren Veles, Ukraine

Jodi L. Jacobson, USA

Hugh Scharland, USA

Stephen Komarnyckyj, United Kingdom

Poet and Author

Veronika Lefterieva, Ukraine

Richard Herzinger, Germany

Dr., Freelance publicist, operator of the website “hold these truths”

Mark Semotiuk, USA

Serhii Osnach, Ukraine

Expert on language policy, activist of Civil movement "Vidsich"

Gleb Butuzov, Canada

Broadcast Engineer

Jonathan Gorecki, Canada

Morris Stupak, Canada

Business Owner

Ann Sidorenko, Canada

Hotel worker

Viktoriia Urkevych, USA


Bohdan Kohut, Canada


Ken Holden, USA


Marijka Kowaliw, Canada

Lilia Grabovetska, Hong Kong

Managing Partner, DMS Solutions

Mark Byczkiw, Canada

Melania Sztyk, USA

Karl Altau, USA

Yurii Zakharchenko, Ukraine

DMS Solutions Ltd., RPA Developer

Daniel, Ankeny, USA

Denise Dewald, USA

MD, Physician

Miralem Prijić, USA

Natalia Ripeckyj, USA

Social Worker

Anthony Palij, USA

Stephan Bandera, Canada

Walter Teres, Canada

Nataliya Golimbiyevska, Canada

Freya Perry, Canada


Raúl Wolfgang Bruning, Germany

Kathy Dwulit, Canada

Daria Kish, Canada

Dan Dzikewicz, Canada


Edo Murić, Austria

Halya Telnyuk, Ukraine

The Telnyuk Sisters

Lana Palij, USA

Roman Molodynia, Canada

Retired executive

Roma Stroczenko, USA

JoAnne B Gludish, Canada

Olesya Nova, United Kingdom

Aime Johnson, USA

Griffin Barriss, USA

Tetiana Bastyl, Canada

Mary Ryan-Miller, USA

Ihor Brazhnyk, Ukraine

Software engineer, Civil society activist

Irma Rastegayeva, USA

Vasyl Stefurak, Ukraine

Helen Talaniec, USA

Tiana Walters, USA

Adrianna Odomirok, USA

House wife

Polina Dekhtiar, Ukraine

Student of Drahomanov National Pedagogical University

Marta Hura, USA

Mariya Ryabokon, Canada

Anna Long, Canada

Traffic engineer

Viktoria Popova, Ukraine

Student of Karazin Kharkiv National University

Veronika Kutetska, Ukraine

Abbie Long, Canada

Cody Sharun, Canada

Andrii Salii, Ukraine

Mariia Lazareva, Ukraine

Student of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Viktoriia Mytskaniuk, Ukraine

Marketing copywriter

Ademir Viteškić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Yeremiia Popova, Ukraine

Student of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Maryna Ryff, Ukraine

Uliana Lisova, Ukraine

Kseniia Hrytsyna, Ukraine

Natalie Gryvnyak, Ukraine

Infeatures Story Production

Lillianna Chudolij, USA

Meelena Turkel, USA

Nikita Nechayev-Slipchenko, Ukraine

Halyna Kistiuk, Canada


Irene Zawislak, Canada

Retired Government Employee

Iryna Numerzhytska, Ukraine


Vasil Gluchman, Slovakia

Nazar E Hossein, Canada

Oleksandra Kolesnyk, Ukraine


Vitalii Liubinskyi, Ukraine

Student of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Nikita Kunitsyn, Ukraine

Barbara Bartlett, USA

Ted Greenfield, USA

Anzhela Toderishena, Canada


Marta Milan, USA

Doctor psychiatrist

Carole Hodge, United Kingdom

Rozita Krivulya, USA

Coordinating Manager

Hanna Alkhimovych, Ukraine

Student of Karazin Kharkiv National University

Iryna Pereguda, Switzerland

Sergey Kamch, New Zealand


Igor Pasternak, Canada

Truck driver

Diana Simora, Ukraine


Katerina Yalunina, Ukraine

Nataliya Kaflyuk, Canada

Volodymyr Sushchenko, Ukraine

PhD, Professor, Lawyer

Roman Kushnir, Ukraine

Angela Boudreau, USA


Oksana Shapowalenko, USA

Olena Zhytariuk, Ukraine

Student of Lviv Ivan Franko National University

Pavlo Tkachenko, Ukraine

Sales manager

Alona Lakhmaniuk, Ukraine

Olha Piven, Ukraine

Lillian Remillard, Canada

Khrystyna Zakota, Ukraine

Student of Lviv Ivan Franko National University

Cecilie Holter, United Kingdom


Eliška, Slavíčková, Czech Republic

David G Goclowski, USA

Ondřej Bednář, Czech Republic

Author and actor

Emilia Stelmach, Canada


Oleh Dmytriv, Canada

Yaroslav Golub, Ukraine

Chemistry student of Karazin Kharkiv National University

Oksana Lodziuk, USA

Hanna Budim, Ukraine

Product Manager

Andrii Chepurnyi, Ukraine

J. Brad Chudyk, Canada


Olga L Rudyk, USA

Inna Holovanchuk, Ukraine

Adam Frank, Canada

Ulana Horalewskyj, USA

Yuriy Bondaruk, Canada

Software Engineer at Uber

Liliana Dutka, Canada

Dr. of Natural medicine

Marta Hnatiw, Canada

Natalie Worobec, Canada

Software Professional

Patricia Reynolds, Canada

CNC machine operator

Shawn Panio, Canada


Suzanne Charlebois, Canada

Kathy Dwulit, Canada

David Kohut, USA

Maria Borodovskaya, USA

Irina Buczkowski, USA

Natalia Martsyniv, Canada

George Serhijczuk, Canada

Library Technician/Researcher

Olga Baldin, Canada

Anne Sochan, Canada

Registered Nurse, Independant Contractor

Veronica Serhijczuk, Canada

Iryna Suprun, USA

Pavel Kishinev, USA

Drinking Water Technician, Retired

Daria Chernova, Ukraine

Mary Kahler, USA

Rosa Wright, Canada

Jonathan Schiff, USA

Financial Advisor

Michael O. Craig Jr., USA

Engineer and filmmaker

Rafał Maślanka, Poland

Engineer in Profielnorm East

Charles Roe, USA

Maria Rypan, Canada


Suzanne Kay, Australia


Rosanne Milliken, Canada

Producer, Gynormous Pictures

Yurii Potapenko, Ukraine


Rostyslav Sipakov, Ukraine


Kirsten Ferguson, United Kingdom

Childrens Reporter

Liudmyla Motuzna, Australia

Hannah Ostapiv, Australia

Elena Vasileva, Australia

Roman Patsaliuk, Ukraine

Composer, musician, melodist

Nataliya Thompson, Australia

Anna Carroll, Australia


Fokina Julia, Ukraine


Lyubov Krapywnyj, Australia

Viktoriia Skipor, Ukraine

Anastasiia Sergiienko, Ukraine

Boiko Anastasiia, Ukraine

Boris Fuge, Luxembourg

PR Manager

Podolinna Daria, Ukraine

Student of Kharkiv National University, member of Public Diplomacy Platform

Nataliya Koboleva, USA

Alla Tyshkivska, Ukraine

Irene Volinets, Ukraine

Leonie O'Dowd, Ireland

Psychotherapist, Activist

Zenia Zenchuk, Canada

Community Health Care Provider

Hanna Khomechko, Ukraine

Sheila Ferguson, United Kingdom


Ihor Lehotskyi, Ukraine

Mykola Skolozdra, Ukraine


Svitlana Kelada, Australia


Olga Łuć, Poland

Jana Wolff, Germany

Valery Morozov, Russian Federation

Bozena Mirkowska, Poland/Great Britain

Nadia Prokopiw, Canada

Real estate

Lucia Hiscock, Australia

Emma Trainor, USA

Nez Novikova, Australia


Catherine Lewis, United Kingdom

Office Manager

Nina Novikova, Australia


Justyna Jozwiak, Poland

Maritchka Ryniejska, United Kingdom


Malgorzata Proc, Poland

IT Analyst

Zhanna Mateychuk, Portugal

Export manager

Ashley Black, United Kingdom

Sheryl Rutherford, Canada

Māra Poļakova, Latvia


G Di Gennaro, Australia

Heidi Laura, Denmark


Davy Prieur, France/Sweden

MSc civil Engineer

Natasha Byrne, Australia

Tatjana Bähler, Switzerland

Luitje Groenwold, Germany

J. C. Vazquez, Spain

Laura Mckibbin, United Kingdom

Andrew Primrose, United Kingdom

Area sales manager

Carlos Abadi, USA

Partner, Samawal Foundations

Tomislav Jurčević, Croatia

Bartosz Rakowski, Poland

Lorraine Mischuk, Canada

Occupational Therapist

Valeriia Liubymtseva, Ukraine

Student of Kyiv National University

Christian Pieper, Germany


Nicholas Wheeler, Australia

Marianne Fraser, Finland

Enna Klibson, USA


Irena Kindratyshyn, Ukraine


Tetyana Lawriwsky, Australia


Olga Kerziouk, United Kingdom

Retired curator, The British Library

Vytenis Mickevičius, Lithuania

Marty Zafra, Italy

Henry Decock, Canada

Olga Decock, Canada

Francesco Nuccio, Italy

Office worker

Stijn Bouma, Netherlands


Olha Pastukh, Ukraine

Sabrina Djidel, Canada


Diana Williams, United Kingdom


Sergei Kowaliuk, Canada

Natalie Traeger, Australia

Dr., IMG

Piotr Mierski, Poland

Web developer

Stephan Sidorenko, Canada

Facility manager

Andrea De Vecchi, Uruguay


Karen Nickel, Canada

Marc Soltau, Germany

D'Arcy Jenish, Canada

James Bannerman, USA

John Bradley Weaver, Canada

ComputerAId International

Piotr Roterski, Poland

Sergiy Subota, USA

Software Engineer

Michele Minichini, Italy

Oksana Kunanec-Swarnyk, Canada

Maryna Sukhovii, Ukraine


William Drysdale, Canada


Marlene Beck, Canada

Sofiia Dziavoruk, Ukraine

Student of Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Thomas Spieth, USA/Canada

Natalia Slobodian, Ukraine


Melissa Collins, Canada

Aldis Austers, Latvia

Researcher and lecturer

Lesia Panko, Canada

Bohdan Palamarchuk, Ukraine


Monika Białoń, Poland


Amin Bin Hassan, Malaysia

Senior Architect

Tetsushi Okano, Japan

Lorenzo Zelaya Pineda, Honduras

Zuhair Areef, Saudi Arabia


Yavor Georgiev, Bulgaria

Solomiya Hnatovska, Canada


Jon Kuntz, USA

Roman Zubrytsky, Canada

Denis Stukalov, Russian Federation


Alexander Levin, USA

Davy Kustermans, Belgium

Peter L. Farrell, United Kingdom


Oksana Liash, Ukraine


Nimet Maherali, Canada


Carlo Spiller, Switzerland


Andrey Kislyuk, USA

Lucretia Hedinger Aldao, United Kingdom

Sven Kauber, Isle of Man

Software developer

Gergana Gieva, Germany

Þorlákur Guðjónsson, Iceland

Innovation Manager

Anhelina Stoyka, Ukraine

Karol Ciechowski, Poland

Legal Advisor

Stephanie Savyn, Canada

President, S7 Enterprises Inc.

Daniel Blazquez, Ireland


Catharine Bryla, Canada

Daniel Deege, Netherlands

Software Engineer

Elke Christiane, Germany

Dana Bagan, Canada


Inns Selinger, USA

Theresa L Bohannan, USA

Raymond Oster, USA

Francis Mangion, United Kingdom

Denys Glushkov, USA

Tamara Kotiuk, Ukraine

Mike Morley, Canada

Nicole Zander, USA

Christine Schmitt, USA

Yuri Huta, USA

Ben Parniuk, USA

Peter Robinson, United Kingdom/ Ireland

Artist, writer

Dan Moon, USA


Kadri Sakala, Estonia

Family therapist

John Iordanidis, USA

Jason Staloff, USA

Igor Grynenko, Ukraine

Martijn Kreek, Netherlands

Brandon Gaskins, USA

National Park Ranger, NPS

Arjan de Groot, Netherlands

Ivana Dresia, Czech Republic


Aleksey Papkov, Azerbaijan/USA

Francine Ponomarenko, Canada

John Leyten, Canada

Tetyana Bedrus, USA

Lada Rodzhers, USA

Irma Sardas, Lithuania/USA

Anette Heindorf, Norway

Dianne Sherriff, Australia


Jeffrey Douglas, USA

Jaroslav Lukac, Slovakia


Pat Tymchatyn, Canada


Kasha Huk, Canada

Cheri Delaney, USA

Steven Vetterlein, USA

Retired Logistics Manager

Mark Alinsky, USA

Alicia Maddock, United Kingdom

Steven Car, USA

Joanna Smolinska, Germany


Eduard Medvedev, Ukraine

Sergey Velichanskiy, Ukraine

Dmytro Khomych, Ukraine


Sheila Esposito, USA

Title Coordinator

Victor Marushchak, Ukraine

David Henseler, Switzerland

LawyerAnna Palenyik, NetherlandsEntrepreneur

Idd Omary, United Republic of Tanzania

Sharon McMahon, Canada


Maria Hart, United Kingdom

Bogdan Storozhko, Canada

Allan Robertson, Australia


Steve Dylan, USA

Florence Walpoel, France


Ornella de la Campa, Spain

Jerry Kocijowskyj, Canada

Jarrod Myrick, USA

Hannah Salome, Scotland

Justin Aldrich, USA

Robert Biondolillo, USA

William Russo, USA

Morgan Van Wesemael, Belgium


Scottie Gentry, USA

Systems administrator

Tetiana Vynnytska, Canada

Tina Smith, Canada

John Slusarenko, Canada

Iryna Kravchenko, Perú

Irene Konderewicz, Australia

Lillian Remillard, Canada

Myroslava Fedynyshyn, USA

Inna Dyminska, USA

Tricia Brunst, Canada


James F. Chin, Canada


Chazz Griffith, USA

Tünde Nikischer, Switzerland

Sofiya Asher, USA/Ukraine

Zinejda Rita, Canada


Oleksandr Solomko, Ukraine

Michelle Neigel, Canada

Kurilova Elena, Ukraine

Galyna Berezyuk, USA

Mariana Khoma, United States

Benjamin Oldenburg, Managing Director, Thailand

Taras Ganzha, Ukraine


Zviad Kuava, United States

Gintaras Bagdonas, Lithuania

Oleksandr Snidalov, Germany

Ivan Markevich, Ukraine

Strelchuk Nataliya, Ukraine

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Vitaliy Maminchuk, Ukraine


Quentin Lefebvre, Czech Republic

Rusla Maznytsia, Ukraine

Egle Pajedaite, Lithuania

Head accountant

Kalyna Hanover, USA

Serbii Strelchuk, Ukraine

Tania Roman, Ukraine

Stanislav Aseyev, Ukraine

Viktoriya Kuz, United Kingdom

Lisa Knapp, United Kingdom


Sergiy Taranenko, Ukraine

National Preserve “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra”

Android Kadykalo, Ukraine

National University Lviv Politechnik

Tamara Popova, Ukraine

Daniel Kuchurian, Ukraine


Oleksii Chupryna, Ukraine

Anna Hnylytska, Ukraine


Chrystyna Bidiak, Canada

Hrynova Daria, Ukraine


Yehor Hrynyshyn, Ukraine

Vitalii Zolotukha, Ukraine

Viacheslav Lytvynenko, Czechia

Charles University

Ihor Skuratovych, Ukraine

Markiian Kryvonis, Ukraine

Barbara Bielak, Canada

Lev Deych, USA

Physicist, Professor of Physics

Geoffrey Bates, USA

Monika Stepanyuk, Canada

Mark Ferrand, United Kingdom

Laurel Steele, USA

Kalyna Kardash, Canada

Solomiya Christian, USA


Oksana Iliasevitch, USA


Lev Tsimring, USA

Aleksandr Kolesnikov, USA

Andre Gluharev, USA

Orest Chevtchik, United Kingdom

Medical Doctor

Anastasiia Mamykina, Ukraine

Tax consultant

Sandra Lytwyn, Canada

Sabina von Wrede, USA

Yuriy Ivanko, Ukraine

Walter Lytwyn, Canada

Michael Sherber, United States


Oxana Stamy, Greece

Konstantin Ivanov, Russian Federation

Olena Skarlat, Ukraine

Catherine Saidat, USA

Vasyl Makhno, USA


Marusia Spolsky, Canada

Charita Holod, Canada

Ukrainian Art Song Project. Ca

Yaryna Yakubyak, USA

Serhii Sharapov, Ukraine

Sumy State University

Christopher Moore, USA

US Veteran, USAF Special Warfare Intelligence Officer

Mariia Bystra, Ukraine


L Strickland, United Kingdom

Simon O’Halloran, Australia

Marla Waltman, Canada

Former federal public servant

Vladimir Demine, Canada

School principal

Jarrod Myrick, United States

Andy Andruchiw, Canada

Robert, Longyear, USA

VP, Avenue Health

Michal Sveda, Czech Republic

State employee

Viktor Butyrin, Ukraine

Martin Dietze, Germany

Pamela Perkins, USA

Private tutor and translator

Nelli Fursova, USA

Financial manager

Volodymyr Sheiko, Ukraine

Culture and arts management professional

Sergii Kot, Ukraine


Oleksiy Stepanovskiy, Ukraine

Carola Deutsch, Germany

Simon O’Halloran, Australia

Marla Waltman, Canada

Former federal public servant

Vladimir Demine, Canada

School principal

Jarrod Myrick, USA

Robert Longyear, USA

VP, Avenue Health

Michal Sveda, Czech Republic

State employee

Dagmar Wankowska, Czech Republic

Anna Maravina, USA

Ivan Zorych, Canada

Olga Chernysh, Canada

Taras Polianskyi, Ukraine

PwC Ukraine

Tam Panych, Italy

Khrystyna Lykholat, USA


Andrii Vakhula, USA

Medical Chemical

Anton Lozbin, Australia

Michael Moniak, USA

Rudolph Wierda, Netherlands


Valentyna Lew, USA

Karen Woodward, USA

Scarlet Passmore, USA

Lukas Novak, France


Vainius Indilas, Lithuania

Nathalie Smolynec, Canada

Warren Morgan, United Kingdom

Sonia Di Niro, France

Stephen Holland, United Kingdom

Joanne Iske, USA

Victoria Johnson, USA

Marcel Hahné, Netherlands

Fran Linder, USA

Audrey, Staples USA

Lisa Sharples, Canada

Arthur Rogers, United Kingdom

Pat Hahn, USA

Polkovnichenko Vyacheslav, Ukraine

Luís Ortigão, Portugal


Taras Pater, Canada

Serhii Rieznik, Germany

Brian Sheppard, USA

Roxanne Laughlin, Canada

Registered Dietitian

Dawn Smith, United Kingdom

Dawn Smith Properties

James Noel, USA

Bruce Goodluck, Australia

Lyle Demery, Canada

Christa Newhook, Canada

Ksenia, Baranovskii, Canada

Early childhood professional

Christina Liten-Weselius, Finland

Master of Arts

Rebecca Michealson, Canada

Stephen Albert, Canada

Pierpaolo De Caro, USA

Stanislav Borzhemsky, United Kingdom

Hannu Weselius, Finland

Master of Arts student, politics, history

Kris Szopinski, Canada


Yuri Huta, USA

Diana Blbulian, Ukraine

Rani Lyons, Australia

Yana Morozova, Ukraine


Linda Hornberger, USA

Jaroslav Sladek, Czech Republic

Renata Scavone, Brazil


Jasmine Machima, USA

Chantal Dufour, Canada

Health care professional

Irena Welhasch Baerg, Canada

Opera singer

Mary Szabo, Canada

Michael Marich, USA

Larry Francis, USA


Yao Zhang, Canada

Gosia Korbas, Canada


Jurate Brown, USA


Mykola Naichuk, Canada


Chye, Singapore


Chris Komber, United Kingdom

Alan Schietzsch, Canada

Julia Komarowicz, Germany

Karina E.Gonzales, USA

Anne Edwards, United Kingdom

Charity worker

Stephanie Keyes, USA

Physics student

Christine Rowe, Australia

Iris Teeväli, Estonia


Anton Burson, Israel

Social worker

Olena Ruban, Ukraine


Neelu Haider, Bangladesh


Peter Zachary, Canada

Pennie Reese, USA

Julie Love, United Kingdom


Jonathan Phelippeau, France

Jared Jesensky, USA


Le, Khoa, USA

Peter Soedring, Denmark

Michael Silverman, USA

Renata Kirindas, Israel

Dimitri Averboukh, France

Freight forwarder

Yulia Vlasenko, Ukraine

Thomas Engström, Sweden

Author, freelance journalist

Orest Kohan, Ukraine

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Mykhailo Piatakhin, Ukraine

IT professional

Svitlana Vnuchko, Ukraine

Mariana Levkiv, Ukraine

I.Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University

Vicki Shingler, United Kingdom

Paul Smith, United Kingdom


Anastasiia Sihitova, Ukraine

Janis Jakobsons, USA

Volodymyr Okhrimenko, Netherlands

IT professional

Ulvi Sarkarli, Azerbaijan


Kalyna Yosypiv, Canada

S. Dymund, Scotland

Jeroen Wijkamp, Netherlands

Business analyst

Kris Michalowicz, United Kingdom

Rosalia Wasylinko, Canada

Carla Viana, Portugal


Patrick McGinty, Ukraine

Mark Sexton, United Kingdom

Sean Cusick, United Kingdom

Mo Greig, United Kingdom

James Alloway, USA


Satvik Reddy, India


Hannah Daniels, USA

Caroline Crabtree, United Kingdom

Angela Harris, United Kingdom

Frances Hunt, United Kingdom

Piotr Wojtas, Poland

Penney Ford, Canada

Sergey Kamch, New Zealand

Marc Hazeleger, Netherlands

Kevin Johnson, USA

Ayush Verma, India


Candice L. March, USA

Barbara Johnson, USA

Adrian Boyko, USA

Jennifer M Odoski, USA


Signe Stabinge, Latvia

Karolina Zygmanowska, Poland

Travel agent

Reed Criswell, USA

Volodymyr Liubetskyi, Ukraine

Walter Derzko, Canada

Retired, strategic foresight expert

Marko Masalin, Finland

Johan Bendz, Sweden

Paul Tyrrell, Australia


Kjell Romberg, Sweden


Vlad Komov, Canada

Stephanie Stephenson, USA

Martina Tudor, Croatia

Researcher, PhD

Stephanie Yeager, USA

Former Kansas State Representative

Paul DeCampo, Canada

Thomas Enge, Germany

Inna Schwartz, USA


Veronika Kucherchuk, Belgium

Patricia McMillen, USA

Mercedes Sabio Vazquez, Spain

Matthew Walker, USA

IT Professional

Martin Goetz. Czechia

IT manager

Glen Graves, USA

Koen Keus, Netherlands

Network engineer

Podoliak Viktoriya, Ukraine


Stjepan Ivatek-Šahdan, Croatia

Ann Neff, Ireland

Alan Moore, USA


Niels Ockelmann, Denmark

Tommy Nielsen, Sweden


James Blair, Scotland


Daniel Jezierski, USA

NGO director

Mykhaylo Pityk, Canada


J Brace, United Kingdom

Life coach

Pavel Shirshov, Ireland

Software Engineer

Kateryna Dalakova, Canada

Data Analyst

Maria Vasileiou, Greece

Mariia Aleksandrovych, Ukraine

Doctoral student at CUNY Graduate Center

Heather DeBusk Jackson, USA

Satyam Jha, USA

Student, CUNY

Elina Pismennaya, USA

Daniel Oyegun, Philippines


Dušan Kulka, Czech Republic

Berman Group

Victoria Sbuelz, Italy

Adam Weston, Australia

Gvozdyova Olga, Ukraine

Export Promotion

David Svoboda, Czech Republic


Lenka Víchová, Czech Republic

Specialist in Ukrainian Studies

Annemie Czop, USA

Holly Noelle Sanford, Canada

HS Consulting

Margaret Mattox, USA


Jorma Happonen, Finland

Retired company owner

Colombe de Mercey, France

Rasa Buckute, Ireland


Michael Culig, USA


Olga Weston, Australia

Maria Semenova, Israel


Lada Rodzhers, USA

Adam Halwa, Poland

Promotor EU sp. z o.o.

Vasyl Kuzan, Ukraine

Wojciech Kuza, Poland


Rosina Garber, USA

Project Manager

Alberto Leal, Canada

Michael Cohan, USA

Elwood Mancini, United Kingdom

Ondřej Přeček, Czechia


Sam Maman, USA

Drin Sadiku , USA


Nadiia Novosolova, Ukraine

Jonathan Schiff, USA

Financial planner

Sean Sebastian White, United Kingdom

Margarita Bartish, Sweden

Biomedical researcher

Stephen Coyne, USA


Nazary Nebeluk, USA


Diana Blbulian, Ukraine


Karla Wagner, Netherlands

Motivational Public Speaker

Jason Beadnell, USA

Network Engineering manager

Filippov Hennadii, Ukraine

Dmytro Ivasiuk, Ukraine

Alexa Vasiuta, Ukraine

Kinga Adamowicz, Poland

Nicholas Blosch, Canada


Nigel Elliott, USA

Nicholas Pollock, Ireland

Selena Visser, Canada

Emma Brining, United Kingdom

Sandra Jack, United Kingdom

Tom Nabielec, United Kingdom


Levan Shanidze, Georgia

Michal Horák, Czech Republic


Jennifer McPherson Gallardo, USA

John Sullivan, USA

J F Sullivan & Associates

Nicola Chicco Rullo, Italy

Iryna Khan, USA

Jeffrey Thomas, USA

Lourdes Bueno, Mexico

PhD,MD in Surgery

Max Hill, USA

Real Estate Broker

Anastasia Jones, USA

Senior Regulatory Manager

Edward Howell, Canada

Owner, Mosaic Healing Arts Institute

Ceri Dyke, United Kingdom

Becky Robinson, United Kingdom

Alexei Samoylov, USA

Walter Salmaniw, Canada


Nataliya Sulyk, USA

Katherine Stovring, USA

Oksana Zakharko, USA

Sophia Asher, USA

Khrystyna Ivantsyk, USA

Registered Nurse

Arianna Silecky, Canada

School teacher

Sebastian Takacs, Argentina

Rokas Gecevičius, Lithuania

Marcin Wyrzykowski, Poland

Kinga Anna Adamowicz, Poland

Top manager

Helena Frangogiannis, Greece

Markus Mattsson, Finland

Psychologist, group lead

Chanse Syres, USA

Earl S Christy, USA

Laborers International Union of North America

Sally Bishop, United Kingdom

Mihai Wilson, Canada

Kees Hoftijzer, Netherlands

Kathleen Lloyd, Canada

Clinical Manager/ Sask Health Authority

Norberto Morais, Portugal


Ana Raquel Rodrigues Galrinho, Portugal

Rodney Francis, Canada

Project manager

Victoria Malko, USA

California State University, Fresno

Nadine Schick, USA


Denis Schick, Canada

Irene Berns, USA

Case worker

Margaret Barnes, USA

David Farmer, USA


Blaine Forman, Canada


Paul Berns, USA


Jerry Cherneski, Canada

Angel Daniel Comelli, USA

M.D., California State University, Fresno, retired

Stefanie Walcek, USA

Lynette Schick, Canada

Joseph V Walcek, USA

Peter J Piaseckyj, USA

Phyllis Totri, USA

Vladyslava Burmistrova, Canada

Lada Rodzhers, USA

Paula Schick, USA

Oresta Hamersky, USA

Olena Ruban, Ukraine

L.A. Murphy, USA

Hanna Nazaruk, Ukraine

Sanjiv Menezes, India

Cassie Zaghlul, United Kingdom

Vadim Tolpeco, Ukraine

Alexander Worziger, Denmark

Michael Petkovic, USA

Daniel Lisk, Canada

Marc Hazeleger, Netherlands

Mykola Chyslin, Ukraine

Software development

Oleksandr Olashyn, Canada

Microsoft MVP, Senior Developer

Lucy Lukyanenko, Ukraine

Artist, designer

Jaap Steinvoorte, Netherlands


Jiri Keronen, Finland

City Councillor

Renee Hyght, USA

Irma, Petraityte-Luksiene, Germany

Litauische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland

Ihor Novykov, Ukraine

Ivan Kozmyk, Ukraine

Vitalii Ivanov, Ukraine

Olie Jones, Czechia

Hanna Hrytsenko, Ukraine

Daryl Lees, Poland

Jose R. Pereira, Spain

Alina Artemchuk, Australia

Serhiy Bilous, Ukraine

Taavi Rebane, Estonia

Annette Stegenga, Canada

Dmytro Derevianko, Ukraine

Bart Melton, USA

Olena Jemetz, Canada

Davy Kustermans, Belgium

Maria Yakovenko, Ukraine

Oleksandr Skvortsov, Ukraine

Schmutzig Teufel, Ukraine

Jennifer Kachur, USA

Serhii Yehorov, Denmark

Schmutzig Teufel, Ukraine

Kylliki Tennemann, Estonia

Natalia Maksymenko, USA

Patricia Washchyshyn, Canada

Aleksandr Priven, Ukraine

Pavlo Onishchenko, Ukraine

Tetiana Korbut, Ukraine

Roman Sydor, Ukraine

PhD, biotech specialist

Lesia Chernysh, Canada

Nick Slyusarenko, Ukraine

Svitlana Voronina, France

Halchanska Anastasia, Ukraine

Pronina Liudmila, Ukraine

Andrzej Pozniak, Poland

Tetyana Faier, Ukraine

Volodymyr Goncharov, Ukraine

Cosmin Crisan, Canada

Ivan Zorych, Canada

Margarita Lorentzen, Norway

Patrick Lindholm Jakobsen, Denmark

Car mechanic

Serhii Sytarskyi, Ukraine


Anna Fetsun, Ukraine

Software Engineer, Globallogic

Andriy Omelechko, Ukraine


Oleksandr Zapotochnyi, Ukraine


Roman Taturevych, USA


Andrew Zbihlyj, United Kingdom


Daniela Bogdan, Sweden


Anthony Da Cruz, South Africa


Valentin Belyi, Denmark

Audio Engineer

Alexander Melnychuk, Ukraine

Software Engineer

Stanislav Kushnirov, USA

Arsenio B. Italy

Hleb Manayeu, Belarus

Anette Jorgensen, Denmark

Roxolana Wynar, USA


Marc Soltau, Germany

Larysa Martyniuk, USA


Hlib Branitskyi, Ukraine

Gusiv Petro, Ukraine

Herman Klushin, Ukraine

Egor Filimonenko, Ukraine

Victoria Batarchuk, Ukraine


Valera Sorokin, Ukraine

Roman Startsev, Ukraine

Vladislav Trofimov, Russia

Vera Novikova, Russia

Tomas Baublys, Germany

Iryna Soltys-Petrowsky, USA

Energy Advisory

Aleksandra Kelbas, Canada

Director of Insurance

Olena Iurchenko, USA

Nazariy Panychevskyy, USA

Dana Maksymova, USA

Inna Kryvko, USA

Andrij Mychalcuk, Czech Republic

Dmytro Burdyga, Germany

Software developer

Kristina Kutnjak, Croatia


Marko Ruban,USA

Web developer

Pavlo Kovalov, Ukraine

Zachariah Jackman, Canada

Irena Bulmer, Canada


Maksym Polyakov, New Zealand

Landcare Research

Rafał Maślanka, Poland

Engineer in Profielnorm East

Lise L'Heureux, Canada


Vladyslav Kurbatskyy, Ukraine


Anatoliy Koval, Ukraine

Vitaliy Gubarev, Ukraine

Tetyana Makarchyk, Ukraine

Dmitry Kolisnyk, Ukraine

Lucy Lukyanenko, Ukraine

Artist, designer

Max Nevagno, Ukraine

Serhiy Kinashchuk, Ukraine

Hanna Naumenko, Ukraine

Oksana Shabotynsky, Canada


Raimundt Brach, Germany

Christopher Fuller, USA

Oleg Petrenko, USA


Mykola Demianov, Ukraine

Trend Micro

Katarin West, Australia


Jeffrey Walter, Australia

Registered Nurse

Maddie Caffarel, USA

Louise Henry, France

Maryana Pashulya, Australia

Martin Jebavý, Czech republic

Attorney at Law

Arto Luukkainen, Finland

Zena Krakowsky, USA

Maria Maryanovska, Ukraine

Insurance broker

Ivan Markevich, Ukraine

Lecturer UDUNT Dnipro

Berat Arda Dedekoca, Turkey

Business owner

Nicole Yurcaba, USA

Southern New Hampshire University

Elena Zacharenko, Belgium

Tampere University

Malgorzata Korzon-Lewinska, Belgium

Mitchell Evans, Canada

Sylvia Evans, Canada

Tuz Viacheslav, Ukraine

Mark Plugin, Ukraine

Yevgen Goncharenko, Ukraine

Henry Hallam, USA

Vanessa Zähres, Germany

Social Education

Andrii Strekozov, Ukraine

IWS manager at BAT Ukraine

Eugen Baykov, Ukraine

Soldier, Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ayn Middleton, USA

Adrian Pidlusky, USA

Real estate

Oleksandr Chumak, Ukraine


Paul Tyrrell, Australia


Christine Schmitt, USA

Oleksiy Hubarenko, Ukraine


Alina Vasyliychuk,Ukraine


Alecs Maliuga, Ukraine

Roy Papish, Canada


Maria Poburanova, USA

Mykola Matsala, Ukraine

Sole Proprietor

Matthew Lyons, USA


Ted Warne, USA

Ine Iversen, Norway


George Kenney, USA

Olle Josefsson, Sweden

Debra Edrozo, USA

Dirk Lambrechts, Belgium


Klaus Mueller, Germany

James McHugh, Ireland


Cláudia Reis, USA

Adrian Rudnyk, USA

Catherine Richard, USA

Home maker

Alex Jemetz, Canada

Linda Grabill, USA


Sandra Mounier, United Kingdom


Arno van de Kamp, Netherlands

Diana Bukhtoiarova, Ukraine

Software Engineer

George Onyschuk, Canada

Mark Ferrand, Spain

Volodimir Legky, Ukraine

Lissa Gruza, Canada

Helene Landry, USA

Maksim Lyakhov, Russia


Vasyl Hlukhenkyi, Ukraine

Vaida Drazdove, Netherlands

Viktoria Kurasheva, Ukraine


Audra Girijote, Lithuania


Alex Poddoubnyi, Canada

Natalia Ruban, USA

Registered ICU nurse

Alex Bilyk, Canada

Public Affairs

Orest Kochan, Ukraine

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Oleg Moskalenko, USA

Software engineer, Apple Inc.

Mykhailo Berezhnyi, Ukraine


Matthias Schmidt, German

Sales manager

Jake Brumby, United Kingdom

Eliška Slavíčková, France


Rebecca Rice, USA


Sergiy Ryabchenko, Ukraine

William Massey, United Kingdom

George Martin, United Kingdom

Laura Mckibbin, United Kingdom

Alicia Maddock, United Kingdom

Health care assistant

Valerie Tichy (Mauve), France

Cristina Lia Brosteanu, Romania

John Upson, Romania

Gabriela Popescu, Romania


Askold Vilkha, Ukraine

Student, Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Anton Romashko, Ukraine

Bohdan Hnatyk, Ukraine

Lidiia Ionka, Ukraine

Stephanie Leclerc, USA

Svitlana M., USA


Marianne Meese, USA

Cedrik Van Appelghem, France

Patrick Ott, Austria

Havy Hayevsky, USA

Aleksander Piotr Lesniak, USA


Peter McLaughlin, Canada

Marie Worobec, Canada

Mark Holcroft, Canada

Daniel Lapointe, Canada

Kadi Nõmm, Estonia

Valeria Sobol, USA

Gosia Korbas, Canada


Shaunagh Perity, Spain

S. Yeager, USA

Kristen Knetsch, USA

David Carleton, USA


Sonja Pospisil, USA

Attorney and nurse

Wendy Linham, United Kingdom

Jayne Gale, New Zealand

Inna Ruano Mizyuk, Spain

William Kurtz, USA

Marc Moller, Switzerland

Tiziana Clark, United Kingdom

Donald Bodeau, USA

Canberk Demiroluk, United Kingdom

IT Contractor

Erin Kurtz, USA

Corinne Sutton, USA

Tony Gunnarsson, Sweden


Terrence Killian, USA

Gary Johnson, USA

Security Officer

Chris Jones, Hong Kong

Olga Bielska, USA


Ann Johnson, USA

Ruthe de la Rosa, USA

Jennifer Swilley, USA

Jody Newman, USA

Tetsushi Okano, Japan

Taras Pater, Canada

Victoria Vyedina, USA

Zena Krakowsky, USA

Justin Najar, USA

Marianne Benetos, Australia


Paulina Kewes, United Kingdom

Jesus College & Faculty of English, University of Oxford

Rose Mari Moen, Norway

Florian Fanta, Ukraine


Gergana Gieva, Germany

Krista B., USA


Sebastiano Peotta, Finland

Research Fellow, Aalto University

Adam Widmanski, Poland


Bohdan Melekh, Ukraine

Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Andreas Kleinbauer, Germany

David Burke, United Kingdom

Software developer, human rights activist

Sergii Getman, United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer, Vonage

Danica Thanki, Slovakia

Dmytro Botnarenko, Ukraine

Jussi Riisiö, Finland

Ihor Mryglod, Ukraine

Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of National Academy of Sciences

Wadim Pschemyskij, Germany

Valerio Mazzei, Italy

Doctor of Medicine and Dentistry

Albert Kravcov, Germany

Maria Pavlova, USA

Per-Olof Jönsson, Sweden

Project manager

Tashi Bhutia, India

Vivian Kasey, USA

Retired BS in Environmental Health Science

Roman Pazuniak, USA

Daniela Steiner, Switzerland

Marco Cavallo, Italy

Diana Williams, United Kingdom

Christopher Cordray, USA

Principal Software Architect

Jennifer Murphy, USA

Irene Duma, Canada


Marie Coz, USA

Vivian Ericson, USA


Dan Chirica, United Kingdom

María D Gomez, USA


Celeste Viau-Navetta, USA

Tamilyn M Simard, USA

Catherine Ashby, Australia


Nestor Lewyckyj, Canada

Ben Young, United Kingdom


Andrea Rauba, Canada


Rickard Mijatov, Sweden

Sales manager

Jeremy Perez, USA

Safety consultant

Martina Tudor, Croatia


María D Gomez, USA


Celeste Viau-Navetta, USA

Sara Townsend, USA

Sergiy Ilyenko, Canada

Maria Kristiina Määr, Estonia

Måns Haegert, Sweden

Sam Valdes, USA


Anja Wanka, Germany

Maurycy Piotrowski, Poland

Joanna Ludzeniece, Latvia

Natalia Witkowsky, Canada

Alex Eunson, Australia

Rian Bergmans, Netherlands

Olga Pedan, United Kingdom

David Rowe, Canada


Jonathan Muench, USA

Peace corps Ukraine

Sofiya Asher, USA

Irene Solomon, Canada

Assistant Director

Matthew Ceglarski-Sherwin, USA

Lead service worker

Valeriy Kaserkevych, Ukraine

Astronomical observatory of Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Elizabeth Wademan, Canada

Alex Jemetz, Canada

Michael Wertelecky, Canada

Equity Trader

Lily Hordienko, Canada

Principal, TCDSB

Michael Zienchuk, Canada

Investment analyst

Victor Koszarny, Canada

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Piotr Kuczaj, Poland


Carla Viana, Portugal


Oresta Kachala, USA

Béatrice Brossard, Germany

Alexander Gretler, Switzerland

Béatrice Brossard, Germany

Alexander Gretler, Switzerland

Nadia Prokopiw, Canada

Helena Frangogiannis, Greece

Giselda Aparecida dos Santos, Brazil

Anna Gaivoronska, Ukraine

Larissa Novak, Canada

John Chamula, Canada

Andrii Gryganskyi, USA

Roman Novak, Canada

Rebecca Robinson, United Kingdom

Dante Matta, France

František Král, Czech Republic

Orest Chornomaz, Canada

David Engelby, Denmark

Stephen Misiajlo, Australia

Anna Błażejewska, Poland

Małgorzata Kłembokowska, Poland

Boris Fuge, Luxembourg

Alona Bogdanova, Netherlands

Natalya Sebastian, Canada

Iryna Huk, Canada

Christine Rowe, Australia

Gustavo Dalbes, Argentina

Lara Herald, Canada

Odarka Cruz, Canada


Michał Solnica, Poland


Christine Freitag, USA


Sofiia Velgosh, Canada


Peter Ochitwa, Canada

Executive chef

Yulia Vlasenko, Ukraine


Oleksandr Laktionov, Ukraine

Oil&Gas expert, international cooperation

Natalia Kushnir, Ukraine


Roma Romanyshyn, Canada


Tamara Koszarny, Canada


Chris Toal, New Zealand

Wellness at Work Ltd.

Monika Kucharska, Canada


Dominique Fourtune, France

Energy engineer

Joao Miguel Ramos Fernandes, Spain

Susana Ferreira, Portugal

Tatiana Hamilton, USA

Jurgita Govedaite, Iceland

Betsy Mullen, USA

Robert Fountain, Belgium

Account manager

Gabriela Nicoleta Avram, Italia


Suzanne Kay, Australia


Thomas Flomstad, Norway


Karin Braun, Germany

Nurse Midwife

Suzanna Kaszczyszyn, Australia

Mark Gearon, Australia

Brendan Howard, United Kingdom

Shawn Neugebauer, USA

Stamen Souanski, Bulgaria

Anna Harasym, Canada

Michael Powers, Ireland


Robin Olsen, USA

Communications & PR

Maria Lönnberg, Sweden

HR manager

Joshua Prentice, USA

Susana Arevalo, Ecuador

Paul Hof, Netherlands


Olena Belperio, Canada

Amber Makar, Canada

Film Industry

Tetiana Dunko, Czech Republic

Irene Zabytko, USA


Myron Wasylyk, Ukraine

Jean-Baptiste Pinchon, France

Laura Pugaca, Germany

Damian Popowycz, Australia

Estate Agent

Angela Wojcichowsky, Canada

Director International Partnerships and Project

Gary Lent, USA


Clint Johnson, Canada

Safety Manager

Oleksii Haidarenko, Ukraine


André Hufer, Switzerland


Hillary Ford, USA

Business owner

Julian Klepach, USA


Carroll Chaney, USA


Steven Vetterlein, USA

Retired Logistics Manager Analyst

Fred Luzanycia, Germany


Oksana Bondarchuk, Canada

President, St Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (Winnipeg)

Adam Stec, Canada

General Contractor

Sandra Lytwyn, Canada

Retired civil servant

Bierwiaczonek Bogusław, Poland

University of Czestochowa

Nataliya Thompson, Australia


Elena Klugman, Australia


Diana Sketriene, Australia


Alina Ilchenko, Australia

Public service

Maryna Kovalenko, Australia

Co-Founder of Syla

Olex Vazh, Australia


Liudmyla Motuzna, Australia

Peter Myroniuk, Australia

Lyubov Krapywnyj, Australia

Tayisiya Quessy, Australia

Olga Markova, Australia

Bronwyn Todd, Australia

Sonja Brennan, Australia

Alyona Stuart, Australia

Paul Danyluk, Australia

Natalia Hedge, Australia

Svitlana Kovalchuk, Australia

Iryna Burlachenko, Ukraine

Ausra Tumosaite, Lithuania

Krzysztof Łukaszewski, Poland

Dominic Sabatino, Canada

Walter Anastazievsky, USA

Nik Venet, USA

Agnieszka Bauer, Poland

Krzysztof Łukaszewski, Poland

Barbara Röders, Germany

Iryna Lozynska, Canada

Valeriy Zavidnoy, Canada

Larissa Szepetyk Fraser, Canada

Vadym Radetskyy, Australia


Svitlana Mykolyk, USA


B.R. Szubelak, Canada

Senior Appraiser and Valuation Consultant

Christine Kovac, USA

Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Church

Olena Onykiyenko, Ukraine

Nataliya Zavidnaya, Canada

Olga Stecko, Canada

Illya Garashchenko, USA

Alexander Turlov, Canada

Dmitry Volkov, Russia

Susan Kovbasyuk, United Kingdom

Marc Lindt, Switzerland

Richard Willmer, United Kingdom

Marcia Krska, New Zealand

Stephan Didus, Australia

Olesia Savchenko, Ukraine

Theatre director

Olena Iablonska, Australia

Nail technician

Andrzej Racki, United Kingdom


Ivan Slavich, Australia


John Krska, New Zealand

Chemical Engineer

Lawrey Smashnuk, Canada


Liliia Goldie, USA


Orest Nowakiwsky, Canada

President, Memcare Corporation

Brian Elliott, USA

Freelance Filmmaker

Leonid Rozenberg, Canada


Iryna Ivaschenko, USA


Christinia Ybarra, USA


Patricia Mercedes, USA

Retired Consultant

Katya Mischenko-Mycyk, USA


Viktoriia Rylkova, Ukraine

Andriy Kuznietsov, Ukraine

Jonathon Lowe, Canada

Inna Tymchenko, Canada

Tatiana Turlova, Canada

Arnold Brust, Switzerland

Ari Bayar, Japan

Sara Townsend, Canada

Micol Bassanini, Italy

Brad Zylstra, Australia

Lisa King, USA

Christa Newhook, Canada

Lisa Johnson, USA

Andreas Kleinbauer, Germany

Dragos Dan, Romania

Katherine Lassiter, USA

Raymond Dodman, Canada

Mikhail Oparin, Russia

Nicole Bauer, Germany

Yury Biliy, Ukraine

Louise Makorkij, United Kingdom

Stig Kristoffersen, Sweden

Jennifer Swilley, USA

Gayle Madeira, USA

Silver Kikeprill, Estonia

Stewart challis, United Kingdom

Brandan Pounds, USA

Stefan Kerschbaumer, Austria

Natalia Warren, USA

Harry Ostap, Australia

Helena Frangogiannis, Greece

Oleksandr Lobakov, Canada

Yrjö Jokela, Finland

Nestor Gayowsky, Canada

Patrick Löffler, Germany

Filip Matuszak, Poland

Filip Matuszak, Spain

Andrew Dolaghan, United Kingdom

Mario Sanders, United Kingdom

Maya Piklor, Romania

Jane Mostys, Germany

Toni O'Hara, USA

Melinda Ramey, USA

Ruben Solaz, Germany

Chris Colson, USA

Raymond Yee, USA

Trish Munro, Australia

Michel Léonard, Belgium

Harry Ostap, Australia

Vladyslav Solodovnyk, Ukraine

Marketing Manager

Maryna Sukhovii, Ukraine


Mai Marquis, Philippines


Line Flobergseter, Norway

Team leader

Olena Klopota, Luxembourg


Raluca Andreescu, Romania


Griffith, Canada


Olena Dmytriyeva, United Kingdom

Regulatory Affairs

Mariya Andrushko, USA


Tanya Mavromatis, Taiwan

Sales director

Oleg Mykytenko, Ukraine

Roman Rudenko, Austria

Larisa Russell, USA

Anna Kaare, Estonia

Eugenia Holak, Australia

Veronika, Switzerland

Vlad Costras, France

Pranas Balseris, Lithuania

Nathalie van den Heuv, Netherlands

Kristine Kaulina, Latvia

Doris Dreimann, Estonia

Sylvia Ridden, Scotland

Marcel Strässle, Switzerland

Justas Žilinskas, Lithuania

Nataliya Mohebbi, Australia

Winrich Germann, Germany

Leonardo de Cristofaro, Italy

Paulius Joksas, Lithuania

David Patterson, Canada

Horia Rață, Romania

Miroslav Penchev, Bulgaria

Vieru Domnita Maria, Romania

Bohdan Marciniw, USA

Airline Pilot

Dina Cheliadina, Ukraine

Architect engineer

Jari Natunen, Finland

PhD, scientist

Burak Babacan, Poland

Management consultant

Denys Glushkov, USA

Financial services

Michel A. Pasche, Switzerland

Financial consultant

Anna Adamie, Poland


Fernando Reinaldo Pires, Portugal


Tim Gainsford, United Kingdom

Retired Social Worker and former soldier

Max Lindholm, Sweden


Mary Babos, Canada


Daniel Levchuk, USA

Retired Law Enforcement

Katherine M Marsh, USA


Dea Paraskevopoulos, Estonia

Communications manager

Ype van der Heide, Netherlands

Project manager

Wanda mcCarthy, Australia


M. Walsh, United Kingdom

Birutė Tautvydaitė, Lithuania

Mark Cattenstart, Netherlands

Marko Leht, Estonia

Helge Gjøvikli, Norway

Susan Duke, United Kingdom

Mary Wintermute, USA

Kevin Klaren, Netherlands

Connor Lancaster, United Kingdom

Julia Bilkevych, Norway

Ulrich Mohrhoff, Germany

Andrei Golovchenko, USA

Daria Karpilovski, Israel

Venno Kornak, Estonia

Lina Cerniauskaite, Lithuania

Nadia De Abreu, Australia

Marko Kelava, Germany

Richard Albikowski, Australia

Julie Glaser, Canada

Orest Gogol, Ukraine

Jason Tyler, USA

Mike Cheavens, USA

Colman Deely, Ireland

Joanna Nelson, Canada

Adriana Cruz, Mexico

Dana Marin, Sweden


Jeremy Smith, USA


Hélène Landry, Canada

Retired teacher

Alicia Carzeri, Canada

Product manager

Dmytro Filipchuk, Ukraine

Lesia Chytra, Canada

Michele G., USA

María Quintela, Spain

Anna Zametaeva, Germany

Birute Tautvydaite, Lithuania

Justine Johnstone, United Kingdom

Ben Romano, USA

Deborah Noah, USA

Dawn Frenzel, USA

Yuriy Makar, USA

Kristine Barnett, Canada

Elnur Kuliev, Turkey

Gennady Nikitin, Norway

Kathryn Lenz, USA

Pat Wright, Canada

Educator, retired

Louise Gondosch, Canada


Olga Rozhok, USA

Research Laboratory Manager at Northwestern University

Bill Freeman, USA

Former Trustee of Hartnell College

Kalina Zemlyanova, Australia


Nicholas Turinski, Canada

Retired from Canadian federal government

Robert Garrett, Poland


Jorge Paulo Silva Quiros, Brazil


Eugenia Kossak, USA


Stephanie Bate, New Zealand

Retired Registered Nurse

Romanos Katchmar, Canada


Alexandra Stefanyshyn, USA


Zenon John Kossak, USA


Ruth Pitman, USA


Janet Dwoskin, USA

CEO, Licensed Right Intl. Inc.

Volodymyr Liubetskyi, Ukraine

John Hermann Gondosch, Canada

Cathy Weetman, United Kingdom

Gabriele Jetley, USA

Jameson Mayberry, USA

Fredrik Aronsson, Sweden

James Martin, United Kingdom

Sara Fae, USA

Franck Evin, Switzerland

Teodora Machalski, USA

Carolina Narvaez, Switzerland

Bodie Junkin, Canada

Annalee Lawson, USA

Brian Whetton, New Zealand

Steve Cush, United Kingdom

Yaroslava Benko, Canada

CJ Wisdom, Canada

Specialist in Environmental Health & Safety

Amadeo Watkins, United Kingdom


Anna Maravina, Canada

IT consulting

Information Technology

Leticia Campos, Spain

Software engineer

Donnchadh Woods, Ireland


Sarah Huntington, USA

Book keeper

Tony Vazquez, Spain


Hannah Tremayne, United Kingdom


David Sanftenberg, United Kingdom

Manager in Information Technology

Peter Hill, South Africa


Kari Lyngestad, Norway


Peter Hedegård, Denmark

Veteran, Photographer

Bartosz Beldycka, Germany


Yana Smith, USA

Technical writer at industrial laser systems

Sonia Di Niro, France


Yuliana Petriv-Shaw, United Kingdom

University of St. Andrews

Karin Heimann, Denmark

Sociologist/ danish helth care

ichael Blahy, Ukraine

Peter Hewka, USA

Hlib Kozyb, Ukraine

Matthew Scott, United Kingdom

Remko Backer, Netherlands

Pyry Suomalainen, Finland

Debra Edrozo, USA

Nigel Elliott, United Kingdom

Edith Athanassov, Austria

Sarah Gunter-Heinisch, USA

Jeffrey Walter, Australia

Maria Doan, USA

Ilze Rudzāte, Latvia

James Leslie-William Oliver, United Kingdom

Anna Kleban, Canada

Oleg Namaka, USA

Sandy Kolakowski, USA

Claudia Pascoalinho, Portugal

Cindy Gertsakis, Canada

Yao Zhang, Canada

Christos Proukakis, United Kingdom

Steffen Laursen, Denmark

Patricia Ferber, USA

Davy Kustermans, Belgium

Géza Medve, Switzerland

Valentina Macchi, France

Cole O`Shaughnessy, USA

Oksana Liash, Ukraine

Maria Caldas, Portugal

Kathy Griffin, USA

Tess L Drake, USA

Lukas Duda, Czech Republic

Deborah Yatsko, USA

Patrick Petit, France

Phillip Hollis, United Kingdom

Lindsey Falconer, Australia/USA


Lubomyr, Canada

L'Agence de Facturation Medicale L.S. Inc.

Robert Hasala, Czechia


Carroll Chaney, USA


Luis Ferreira, Portugal

IT professional

Luba Kytasta, USA

Ballet mistress

Marko Karačić, Croatia

Electrical engineer

Horia Popa, Slovakia

IT manager

Lisa Reichenbach, United Kingdom


John Makey, Canada

Clergy and Accountant

Roman Hruby, Canada

Foreign Service Officer, retired

Dawn Smith, United Kingdom

Dawn Smith Properties

Anita Kristin Sylte, Norway


Julia Tedeeva, Spain

Sanchez, USA

Jason Smith, Ireland

Doris Witter, Switzerland

Andrew Lambert, Australia

Piotr Wiewiorka, Poland

Jana Štefániková, Slovakia

Oksana Shylnov, USA

June Clarke, Canada

Anna Böhler, Slovakia

Florian Goldenberg, Austria

Oleksandr Yanishevskyy, Germany

Katarzyna Maksyjan, Poland

Darya Sakvarelidze, USA

Eduardo Amorim, Brazil

Diana Nunez, USA

Tamta Nanishvili, Georgia

Mark Jones, USA

Eduard Medvedev, Ukraine

W.J. Voskuil, Romania

Richard Gilley, Canada

Marcos Nascimento, Brazil

Anna Pastuszok, Canada

S Urban, USA

Mandy Briggs, United Kingdom

Matthew W. H. Smith, USA

Cory Rakowski, Canada

Donna Crumpler, USA

Günther Stadelmaier, Germany

Paul Biszko, Canada

Lisa Borel, USA

Jenna Crivello, USA

Valentina Lobos, Chile

Irimia Monica, France


Ievgenii Meshcheriakov, Norway

Sw. Eng. Manager

Nathan Rowark, United Kingdom

Retail Manager

Zhanna Bryukhovetska, United Kingdom

Management accountant

John Grindon, Canada

Living Infrastructure Manager

Hannah Terletska, USA

Middle TN State University

Dean Temple, USA

Drake Creative Collaborative

Margit Zalenska, Norway


Elizabeth Bandura, USA


Ania Safko, USA

Product Manager, Mozilla

Trudi Barr, Canada


Vasilios Mavridis, Canada


Caroline Bigelow, Canada


Michael Levija, USA


Jon Muench, USA

Ranger pilot

Hedy Brown, USA


Christy Williams, USA

Wife and mother

Michael Hearn, USA


Eric Koszyk, USA

Small Business Owner

Irina Slutsk, USA


Oleg Moskalenko, USA

Software engineer, Apple

Maryna Maiboroda, USA

Ilya Rozenberg, USA

Tamara Slywynsky, USA

Ivanka Gajecky, USA

Roma Wowchuk, USA

Palma van Westrhenen, Netherlands

Andrii Arkhyliuk, Ukraine

Roman Gurin, Ukraine

Olexandr Suk, Ukraine

Daniella Oniashvili, USA

Nancy Hack, USA

Robert Logan, USA

Sam Smith, United Kingdom

Nicholas Hastings, United Kingdom

John Hamilton, Canada

Andreea Tirziu, Romania

Isabela Batac, Australia

Vadim Broadheaf, United Kingdom

Gareth Timms, United Kingdom

Gérard Vriend, Netherlands

Brenda Serpa, USA


Nyla Jebousek, USA


Apollo Hogan, USA

PhD mathematics, quant

Paul Greene, USA


Lena Lamel, USA

Retired Medical

Sky Hackett, USA

Security Consultant

Miloje Marjanovic, Germany


Michelle Celarier, USA


Jillian Vites, United Kingdom


Sergey Mohov, Finland

Activist, volunteer at the Ukrainian Association in Finland

Ellen Roß, Germany


Joanna Yoon, South Korea


Jaak Laanepõld, Estonia


Stepan Burlakov, Ukraine

Software Engineer

Eva Birzniece, Latvia

Latvian Dyslexia Association

Joanna Lalowska, Poland


Duarte Piedade, Portugal

Systems engineer

Maksym Mylanych, Ukraine

Music teacher

Sigrun Hoff, Norway


Shanu Kingston, India


Tatyana Kaminski, USA


Taty Alex Kobrits, USA


Stefanie von Loh, Germany


Rakesh Rai Jugoo, Mauritius


Rebecca Randel, USA

Public health specialist

Keith Rowell, Australia

Software Engineer / Empathy Led Design Consultant

Joke Vermeulen, Belgium


George Muresan, Romania


Patrick loh, Singapore


Francis Catteeuw, Belgium


Michael Erz, Germany

Frederick N Allnutt, Canada

Kathrin Begemann, Germany

Petro Tkačenko, Ukraine

Sophie Abbott, Australia

Krischan Köhler, Germany

Maksym R., Ukraine

Michael Schulz, Germany

David Engelby, Denmark

Christina Lehmann, Germany

Andrew Nesterenko, Ukraine

Jacob "Kreyren" Hrbek, Czech Republic

Velia Larthia Schubert, Austria

Bodo Wuensch, Germany

Ihar Filipau, Germany

Andrii Gryganskyi, USA

Franz Hackl, Austria

Ulrich Mohrhoff, Germany

Julia Zollner, Austria

Viktoria S., Germany

Michael Wardatzky, Germany

Daniela Guggiari, Switzerland

Dennis Nikol, Germany

Erna Agnarsdottir, Norway

Xiaoping Hu, Germany

Read Eldred, USA

Stefanie Young, USA

Tilman Keding, Germany

Yevgen Sklyar, Canada

Michele Heiland, Germany

Paul Rohatensky, Canada

Michal Kwiatkowski, USA

Markus Menge, Germany

Vladimir Kozlov, Israel

Gudrun Lasinger, Germany

Kamil Baj, Poland

Kevin Rader, Germany

Klaus Mueller, Rwanda

Ivan Kovrigin, Ukraine

Yevgen Sklyar, Canada

Matthias Quack, Germany

Gary Coe, USA

Karyna Azarian, Netherlands

Alexander Petrenko, Ukraine

Gerritt Tjepkema, Netherlands

Peter Lachmann, Germany

Dominique Billina-Stark, Austria

Anna Steinmetzer, Germany

Masande Hontyo, South Africa

Edith Athanassov, Austria

Oliver Bell, Germany

Victor Brilon, USA

Aistė Poškienė, Lithuania

Wadim Pschemyskij, Germany

Kelvin Njau, Kenya

Denis Morozov, Belarus

Zoltan Kandi, Netherlands

Anna Kostiw-Obst, Germany

Kati Oleynik, Ukraine

Iva Lisikewycz, USA

Executive Director, France

Benjamin Horler, Poland

Mary Lopata, Canada

Ružica Ezgeta, Croatia

Taina Karttunen, Finland

Maris Raudzins, Australia

Bill Petrusiak, Canada

Irene Price, Canada

Jakob Krose, Germany

Kati Björkman, Finland

Janina Kielbasa, Canada

Retired teacher

Adam Rok, USA

Registered Nurse

John Nicolaou, USA

Executive Director

Natalie Masnyj, USA


Andrei Kushnir, USA


Ingrida Gaile, Latvia

Interior designer

Tamara Struk, USA


Daniil Lytvynov, Ukraine


Yuliya Stepanenko, Ukraine

Customer service

Nadia Skwarchuk, Canada


Ivan Dovhan, Ukraine

Software Developer

Andrii Vovk, Ukraine

Sole proprietor

Mathias Schröter, Germany

Dr., Physician

John Lin, Hong Kong


Martijn Kreek, Netherlands


Brian Peters, USA


Kai Nelius, Germany


Arlyce Vollman, Canada


Rūta Vosa, Latvia


Benedikt Herrmann, Italy


Walter Maruszczak, USA

Scythian Technologies

Michael Craig, USA


Nicholas Baranetsky, USA


Maria Halkewycz, Canada


Askold Kozbur, USA

Director, Business Development, EPS Americas Corp.

Khrystyna Posiko, USA


Tetyana Golub, USA

SDE, Microsoft corp.

Cathy C., United Kingdom

Sergey Lyubinetsky, USA

Ruben Monster, Netherlands

Kathy McAllister, USA

Miroshnychenko Illia, Ukraine

Andrei Tcaci, Germany

George Morssink, Netherlands

Can Hakan Demir, United Kingdom

Anna Deutsch, Germany

Sergey Kazakov, Ukraine

Elham Dehghani, Germany

Ieva Kalniņa, Latvia

Melina Peter, Germany

Mike Lind, Denmark

Nick Dodchuk, Ukraine

Bongiwe blessing Nkosi, South Africa

Oleg Chernyshov, Ukraine

Hanna Bakhanova, Germany

Jacob Horvath, USA

Viktoriya Syngayivska, Portugal

Alexandr Yevdoshenko, Ukraine

Anita Demants, USA

Deimante Kliciute, United Kingdom

Bieliaiev Oleksii, Ukraine

Helena Frangogiannis, Greece

Brett McIntyre, Canada

Donna Dobrowolsky, USA

Kristina Baranauskaite, United Kingdom

Oksana Lodziuk, USA

Roma Ihnatowycz, Canada

Stacey Suessmuth, Canada

Barbara O’Brien, Canada

Ulana Steck, Canada

Jaroslaw Kowal, Canada

Lucretia stelmach, Canada

Lisa Heinz, USA

Nicholas Buczkowski, USA

Irina Buczkowski, USA

Olesia Guran, USA

Daria Martsinovska, USA

Lesia Rapa, Canada

Gary O'Keefe, Canada

Janis McCahill, Canada

Liubov Wesson, USA

Larisa Fedorenko, Ukraine

Tatyana Mayfield, USA

Mariya Dashkevych, USA

Yuri Yanov, Germany

Nina Maria Piaseckyj, USA

Anette Jorgensen, Denmark

Timothy Coon, USA

Fritz ACosta, Australia

Tatyana Endres, Austria

Timo Linnossuo, Finland

Lata he Anga ACosta, Australia

Christine Fedynsky, USA

Anna Blighton, United Kingdom

Kateřina Ručková Horáková, Czech Republic

Anna Cristina Endres, Austria

Irena Buckiewicz, Canada

Georgeta Naum, Romania

Lida Bucyk, Canada

Jennifer Masters, Canada

Olha Silivra, Ukraine

Zenon Stepchuk, USA

Lesia Sikorskyj, USA

Ynez Buenconsejo, Canada

Ilya Kravchenko, USA

Lesia Krywonis, Canada

Jane Mooney, USA

Robert D Young, USA

Klaus H. Walter, Germany

Hanna Gießler, Germany

Ludmyla Serdiuk, Australia

Fred Benedikt, Canada

Thomas Hemberger, Germany

Sherry BonDurant, USA

Irena Jakubow, Canada

Marc Soltau, Germany

Elizabeth Morgan, USA

Alissa Rentowitsch, Germany

Rostyslav Voronko, Germany

Tomas Vrsic, Germany

Matthew Bochnewicz, Canada

Jesus R. Menchaca, USA

Andrew Raine, Australia

Catherine Gressens, Belgium

Patricia Tratebas, USA

Jenni Strimel-Bruce, USA

Valentina Moraccini, Italy

Salvador Gil, México

Dan Olympiadis, USA

Michael Wardatzky, Germany

Laurie J Moulton, USA

Sverre H. Huseby, Norway

Karl Fagerholm, Finland

Constantine Frangoudis, USA

Pavel Vohník, Czech Republic

Ruby Chisholm, Canada

Anna Mamchak, Ukraine

Sam Gunsch, Canada

Igor Scerbo, Canada

Rose Mari Moen, Norway

Helen Heinrichs, Canada

Ida Åkerblom, Sweden

Christian Wimmer, Austria

John McGinty, USA

Brendan Howard, United Kingdom

Iryna Bella, USA

Michael Cherry, USA

Doris Witter, Switzerland

Ken Copen, USA

Anastasiia Boiko, Ukraine

Shana Rafsky, USA

Dennis Schick, Canada

Paul Rohatensky, Canada

Sean Sebastian White, United Kingdom

Jennifer Cuddy, USA

Olenka Stepchuk, Canada

Self employed

Andreas Klindt, Germany

Student of History at Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich

Brenda Chisholm, Canada


Paul Tyrrell, Australia


Earl Christy, USA

Gray-Ball Masonry Inc.

Gunther Fehlinger, Austria


Raymond Keith Flowers, USA

Keith Flowers CPA

T. Bondemarz, Finland


Tatyana Marshall, USA

Self employed

Yaroslava Matviienko, Ukraine


Kyrylo Pyrshev, USA

Postdoctoral research fellow, PhD, University of Texas Health science center at Houston, McGovern Medical School

Yangbo Du, USA

Sustainable Development Investment Finance Partnership

Soňa Moravcová, Czech Republic

Administration and methodology, GymSo

Marta Tatiana Kozbur, USA


Amadou Dabo, Canada

Retired Insurance Executive

Diana Iwanik, USA


Lydia Stepchuk, Canada

Business owner

Kimberly Healy, USA


Joan Conger, USA


Josie De Borger, Canada


Yuliya Lutsenko, India


Joe S Rapai, Canada


María Gomez, USA


Yana Morozoba, Ukraine


Mathias Windelberg, Germany

Camera Operator

Vasyl Martynov, Ukraine

Quality Control engineer at SoftServe

Liz Centola Hrul, USA

Owner Bella Design

Traci Thomas, Canada


Marinda Lategan, South Africa

Global Consultant

Tony Masarweh, USA


Nancy Harley, Canada

Business owner

David Entwistle, United Arab Emirates

Airtraffic safety engineer

Valerio Mazzei, Italy


Victor A Hurtowy, USA


Bridget Goulding, Ireland

Medical Secretary

Kristīne Kauliņa, Latvia

Glenn Sloman, Canada

Bernhard Greitenevert, Germany/Canada

Nigel Elliott, United Kingdom

Mykolas Sadauskas, Lithuania

Andrei A Dioumaev, USA


Alena Majkowská, Czech Republic

Tax advisor

Mónica Jauregui, México

Mother and Teacher

Patricia Block, USA

Marketing Consultant

Irena Kindratyshyn, Ukraine

Kate Soudant, USA

Timothy Garland, USA

Ihor Savchak, Ukraine

Heidi Dewey, USA

Gary Quaffa, USA

Linda Baum, Canada

Yana Humen, Belgium

Robert Homans, USA

Kasha Huk, Canada

Yolanda Bolly, USA

P.Llau, France

Daniel Horovitz, USA

Carla Karssemakers, Netherlands

Caroline Dunbar, USA

Diego Cifuentes, USA


Matthew Billo, Canada

Ontario Health

Hugh Carroll, USA

Registered Nurse

Alexis Moriarty, USA

Lori Peacock, USA

Kris Michalowicz, United Kingdom

Ferry Moningkey, Indonesia

Emilia Mirică, Romania

Jasmine Ghent, USA

Interior designer

Bridgit Allingham, Australia

Conservation philanthropy

Jahn SVENINGSSON, United Kingdom


Maryana Levkiv, Ukraine

Ternopil National Medical University

Taras Ganzha, Ukraine

Justas Karvovskis, Norway

Manuel Miguel Vadillo Maruri, Spain

Irene Babenko, Estonia

Manuel Pangl, Austria

Olga Kesarchuk, Canada

Rose Mari Moen, Norway

Dan Megashmat, Ukraine

Eli Klimenko, USA

Dovilė Mikutienė, Lithuania

Madeleine Massey, United Kingdom

Melissa Chang, Singapore

Olga Gountsak, Greece

Chee Ze Hao, Malaysia

Margaret Mattox, USA

Elena Marvin, USA

Oleksii Burlakov, Ukraine


Jorge Paulo, Brazil


Mariia Sorokina, USA

Software Engineer

Lorrie Saunders, United Kingdom

retired NHS nurse

Yuliia Pelyno, Ukraine

Jaycie Mundell, USA

Wanda Barquin, USA

Non-executive director

František Král, Czech Republic

Kristján Guðnason, Iceland

Frederick Nicholas Allnutt, Canada

Danica Thanki, Slovakia

Mathieu Leroy, France

Anna Pastuszok, Canada


Olga Rozhok, USA

Nicholas Turinski, Canada

Mike Zien, Canada

Michel André Pasche, Switzerland

Financial consultant

Zenon John Kossak, USA


Aníbal Lousa, Portugal


Andrea Murmann, Switzerland

Viktoriia Mykhalchenko, Ukraine

Alexandra Hogenbirk, Netherlands

Yannis Laskaridis, Greece

Peter Garratt, Australia

Jillian Vites, United Kingdom

Medical practitioner

Roman Werpachowski, Norway


Claudia van der Born, Netherlands


Anders Bojesen, Denmark

Emily Ramos, Canada

Kenneth Marvin Carter, USA

Deanne Hunt, Australia

Elizabeth Kulihin Fitzgerald, USA

Jan Franta, Czechia


Daren Cleveland, Canada


Konrad Gnat, USA

Software Engineer

Angélica García, México

Maestra optimizadora

Elizabeth Kulihin Fitzgerald, USA

Daniel Stensér, Sweden

Project leader

Roslind Godlovitch Chappell, United Kingdom

Jakob Krose, Germany

Diane Pickup, United Kingdom

Patrick Kisio, Kenya

Hekena Frangogiannis, Greece

Qris Ebeatu, Ukraine

Liudmyla, Australia

Debra Edrozo, USA

Francesco Musso, United Kingdom

Willy de Koning, Netherlands

Annarauna Savolainen, Finland

Natalie Zuk, Australia

Uliana Alnawajah, Jordan

Jennifer McLean, Germany

Peter Myroniuk, Australia

Andreas Kleinbauer, Germany

Hermund Molvik, Norway

Olga Lashevska, Ireland

Michael Schulz, Germany

Kalyna Hanover, USA

Irma Petraityte-Luksiene, Germany

Lithuanian Community

Iryna Penner, Australia


Rafal Czapiewski, United Kingdom


George Martin, United Kingdom

Per Edgar Nordmo, Norway


Nataliya Thompson, Australia


Iona Mindru, Romania

Ilya Ostrovsky, USA

Arthur Rogers, United Kingdom

Susan Traherne, USA

Matthias Quack, Germany

Lukianets Diana, Ukraine

Alicia Maddock, United Kingdom

Yaro Vasilik, USA

Roman Ivashkiv, USA

Lecturer in Slavic Languages and Literatures and Translation Studies

Mila Strugatsky, USA


Vermeulen Joke, Belgium


Daniel Dolich, USA

Irene Zacharkiw, United Kingdom

William J. Voskuil, Romania

Patrick Petit, France

George Mischenko, USA

Vera Korol, Canada

Nadia Skwarchuk, Canada


Elena Dmitrieva, USA

Data analyst

Yrjö Jokela, Finland


Madeleine Massey, United kingdom

Antanas Jokubavičius, Lithuania

Yuri Spolsky, Canada

Vita Holoborodko, Canada

Helen Trounce, United Kingdom

Liudmyla Motuzna, Australia

Nicholas Turinski, Canada

Matti Wallin, Finland

Medical doctor, specialist in psychiatry

Pinja Lehtman, Finland


Richard Cross, Belgium


Zoya Kostetsky, Canada


Joan Compte, Spain

Self employed

Viktoriia Besarab, Poland

English teacher

Irena Voznyuk, USA


Oleksandra Nelson, USA


Adam Naranjo, USA


Maike Boeff, Germany


Christina Kharun, Ukraine


Victoria Remmington, United Kingdom


Iryna khan, USA


Cissy Liu, Canada

Svitlana Maluzynsky, Canada

J. Fiedler, Canada

Elle Fiedler, Canada

Maria Kuchapski, Canada

Nataliya Gurba, Canada

Gregory Warwa, Canada

Grant Goode, USA

Massimo Virgilio Lallai, Italy

Iiro Koppinen, Finland

Ilona Semchuk, Canada

Jarvis Kosokowsky, Canada

Kinitaa Chandra, USA

Mark Malone, Ireland

Eva Persson, Finland

Dinara Tashniyazova, USA

Graham Wall, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Kobylecky, Canada

Astrid Holm, Estonia

L.A. Murphy, USA

Arnaud Castaignet, France

Yuliana Krysa, Canada

Anna Kovala, Latvia

Zoltan Schröder, Germany

Katya Gaynor, USA

Jon Quinn Kuntz, USA

Anastasiia Pererva, Ukraine

Mariliis Kabel, Estonia

Georgeanna Flook, USA

Erin Kuchapski, Canada

Katharina Pomrehn, Germany

Olya Dobrianski, Canada

Shane Wedley, Sweden

Johanna de Jong, Netherlands

Anika Weiland, Bulgaria

Peter Geraghty, France

Yuliya Badayeva, Canada

Jörg Hiltbrunner, Switzerland

Megan Duff, Canada

Meghan Graham, Canada

Or Hargil, Canada

Stacey Asante-Asamani, Ghana

Benjamin Keefe, Canada

Shandell Van Hell, Canada

Sarah Petrenko, Canada

Alexia Tsakmakidis, Germany

Noémie Joubert, France

Megan McDonald, Canada

Kelly Crockett, USA

Zachary Petriw, Canada


William Seiffert, USA


Maja Vajler Šuško, Croatia


Olga Goncharova, Philippines

Financial analyst

Anna Samoylenko, Switzerland

Social Media Manager

Anastasiya Lavrenchuk, United Kingdom

Data Engineer

Carina Shalkivska, USA


Nell Swift, United Kingdom

Weaver and archaeologist

Sarina Watson, Canada

Marketing coordinator

Mariia Bordiuh, Ukraine


Elizabeth Fitzgerald, USA


Sheryl Fleming, Canada

Vivian Jaworsky, USA

Executive program manager

Terko Jakobson, Estonia

Jessica Patrucco, Canada

Janah Sprenger-Mahal, USA

Lindsay Ashley, Canada


Laurence Dion, Canada

Matt Scutchfield, USA


Leah Stephens, USA

Holly Stemberger, Canada

Agnieszka L Buczkowski, USA

Stephen G. Nychay, USA


Masha Zelen, USA

Shalyn Marshall, USA

Nikki Lyon, USA


Loveday Roman-Lemac, USA

Žak Dolenc, Slovenia

Emily Clark, United Kingdom

Account Executive

Khrystyna Skira, Canada

Nicole Valencia, USA

Matthias Eichstedt, Germany

Software Engineer

Vincent Neace, USA

Allison G., Australia

Freddie Arps, Canada

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Carissa Klopoushak, Canada


Kamila Pizon, Canada

Jessica Hecox, USA

Iryna Huk, Canada

Zoriana Strockyj, USA

Sabrina Djidel, Canada


Daria Forsiuk, Canada

Jacqueline Lindberg, USA

Yaroslaw Petriw, Canada

Corporate development

Tarniesha Stimage, USA


Michelle Soth, USA

Brittany Tellings, USA

Andrew Hill, USA

Katie Harwood, USA

Olena Sidlovych, USA

Tina Desjarlais, Canada

Elia Drozdovska, USA

Robert Schreiber, Germany

Dana Noonan, USA

Justina Serpetauskyte, Lithuania


Alena Makagon, Canada

Interior Designer

Sylvie St-Pierre, Canada


Brian Ross, USA

Park Maintenance worker

Susan Tecson, Philippines


Jennifer Holz, USA


C Van der Velde, Netherlands


Olga Mysik, Ukraine

Private enterpreneur

Jannecke Vatnelid, Norway

Andy Scollick, Ireland

Joshua Nybakken, USA

Marius Stasytis, Lithuania


Volodymyr Liubetskyi, Ukraine

Fred N Allnutt, Canada

Self employed

Evgeniy Potapenko, USA


Inna Ruano Mizyuk, Spain

Civil servant

Janet Pearce, South Africa

Business analyst

James Martinez, USA

Kenneth Carden, USA

Inga Wahlund, Sweden

Leon Amram, Monaco

Guna Gavare, United Kingdom

Diana Godlevskaya, USA

Per Sommarström, Sweden

Dmytro Morykit, United Kingdom

Dmytro Morykit Music

S. Dymond, United Kingdom

Public servant

Jan Mareš, Czech Republic


Bronwyn Wyatt, Canada


Matthew Shaw, United Kingdom

IT consultant

Stefan Keel, Switzerland


Przemyslaw Dębowski, Poland


Inga Likšaitė, Lithuania


Eric Swanson, USA

Software engineer

W.J. Voskuil, Romania

Johnny Haataja, Finland

Yolanda Rios, USA

Pia Mustonen, Finland

Jan Terje Johansen, Norway

Karina Zwiefka, Poland

Fesi Fesna, Slovakia

Elizabeth Hagad, USA

Matthew Ball, New Zealand

Alberto Restuccia, Italy

Olga Restuccia, Italy

Paul Eskilsson, Sweden

Court clerk

Anthony Williams, United Kingdom

Software developer

Christine Cirka, Canada

Social Innovation Consultant and Business Coach

Carl Clampit, Spain

Company Director

Dariusz Jankowski, Poland

IT expert

Gerardo Fernandez, USA


Alberto Zanco, Italy

Financial services professional

Jayne Gale, New Zealand


Uri Kahanovitch, Canada

Sita Porte, Netherlands

Jason T Kratsa, USA

Ana Cristina Brites de Barros, Portugal

Kathy Robles, USA

Rieks Holtkamp, Netherlands

João Tavares, Portugal

Iryna Malykh, France

James N. Benko, USA

Vickie Bouska, USA

Vickie Bouska, USA

Nikki Pedia, Switzerland/Germany

Darian Olah, United Kingdom

Galyna Shkurko, Canada

Marketing Manager

Jeroen Voortman, Netherlands

QHSE professional

Lisa Vogt, Canada


Patricia Block, USA

Marketing Ventures

Eduardo Sampaio Caldas Lousa, Portugal


Dea Paraskevopoulos, Estonia

Communication manager

Bercea Mihaela, Romania

Manager for NGO’s

Catherine Goossens, Belgium


Steven Zimme, USA


Joan Dacres, USA

Hélène Landry, Canada

Bruce Atlas, USA

Lara Herald, Canada

Oleksandr Kapustin, Ukraine

Mary Lopata, Canada

Justin Najar, USA

Emil Pidwerbecki, Canada

John McFarlane, Ireland

Software Engineer

Oksana Shylnov, USA


Stetskovych Volodymyr, Canada

Business owner

Tamara Koszarny, Canada


Eugene Masney, Canada

Ulli D., Germany

Bruno Piras, Canada

Kathy Robles, USA

Petra Karna, Czech Republic

Seth Lynch, United Kingdom

Dan Anone, USA

Corry Creea, USA

Aude Plontz, Australia


Valerio Mazzei, Italy


Hetty van der Klis, Netherlands


Giuseppe Giandonato, Italy


Lorenzo Paccusse, Italy

Lorna McAdam, Canada

Jacek Domagała, Poland

Network administrator

Mateusz Czapliński, Malta


Jaan Marts, Estonia

Roman Bregin, Canada

Andrea Johnson, USA

Governmental Programs Analyst (Retired)

Vida Jaugelis, Canada


Maria Reumert Madsen, Canada


De Torre, Spain

Maria Christina Hill, USA

Neil Blaser, USA


Olve Andreas Austlid, Norway

Benedict Luke Subala, Philippines

Web and technical analyst

Yves Prössler, Belgium

Arleta Kozak, Australia


Madeleine J C Massey, United Kingdom

Oleksandr Khairullin, Ukraine

Freelance web developer

Daria Shestakova, Ukraine

Visual artist

Zbigniew Metelkin, Poland

Civil servant

Anhelina Stoyka, Ukraine

Sabine Haag, Germany

Daniel M. Sung, USA

Helen Turner, United Kingdom

Maria D Gomez, USA


Larissa Fraser, Canada

Private Music Teacher

Apollo Hogan, USA


Robert Suprun, Canada

Jenna Crivello, USA

Vlad Burlutskiy, USA

Jonathan Shaw, Canada

Adrienne Huber, Australia

Altay Karimli, Azerbaijan

Gregoire Nadji, France

Andrew MacPherson, United Kingdom


Paula Tong, USA

Registered Nurse

Jonathan Sheldon, United Kingdom

Investment banker

Freebird DnB, Germany

Music producer

Blake Ferrell, USA

Evansville Vanderburgh School corporation

Eric Douglas Gribble, Australia


Chris Jensen, USA

Database Administrator

Lori Kennedy


João Barbosa, Portugal

Tillmann Schollmeyer, Germany

Iaroslav Zvonarov, Ukraine

Daryl Jewell, United Kingdom

Tetiana Haponenko, Ukraine

Eric R., Germany

Cath Weetman, United Kingdom

Alexa King, United Kingdom

Oleksii Manzik, Ukraine

Enzo Deluca, France

Alexander Dubrovin, Russia

Jonathan Spitz, Germany


Gerhard Bissels, Switzerland


David Bissels, Switzerland

Juha Marila, Finland

André Schulze, Germany

Albert Coers, Germany

Katja Rossmann, Germany


Marc Soltau, Germany

Media Designer

Rosanne Milliken

President, Gynormous Pictures

Aleona Labran, Australia

Nataliya Kovalenko, Australia

Adrian Ashton, United Kingdom

Kevin Rowe, Australia

Nikki Barrett, Ireland

Donna, USA

Retired disabled veteran

E Rosalie Li, USA

Graduate student Johns Hopkins

Ana Ataide, Portugal

Teacher at CLOA

Ana Ataide, Portugal

Teacher at CLOA

Jesper Svensson, Sweden

Civil servant

Janusz Winiarski, Poland


Ichiro Tsutsumi, Japan

Student learning computer programming

Pamela S. Waldman, USA

Vadim Broadhead, United Kingdom

Neil Hawker, United Kingdom

Jiří Kulík, Czech Republic

Cliff Cremer, Netherlands

Niels Ockelmann, Denmark

Terry Shepard, USA

Roberts Dambergs, Latvia

Kristina Jendesen, United Kingdom

Herman van den Berg, Netherlands

John Rafuse, Canada

Military Veteran

Valerio Mazzei, Italy


Thijs Jacobs, Belgium

Parliamentary assistant

Marie-Lanoe Emmanuel, France

Coordinateur paie et ADP

Nataliia Shknieieva, Australia

HR officer

Jonathan Phelippeau, France

Regulatory Accounting

Alex Demarand, France

Jane Fuglsang Jensen, Denmark

Matthias Wutz, Germany

Marie Joensson, Sweden

Volodymyr Osypov, USA

Bronislaw Kozicki, United Kingdom

Karl Björklund, Sweden

Mark Johnson, United Kingdom


Claudio VIncent Williams, Argentina


Max Lindholm, Sweden

Eivind Dugstad, Germany

Daniel Rollings, USA

Amanda O’Brien, USA

Stanisław J. Dobrowolski, Poland


Gregory Palovchik, USA

Data Scientist

Staffan Widstrand, Sweden


Cristhian Ruiz Pimentel, Peru

Editor, Radio Maxima

Catherine Reid, USA

Catholic campus minister

Scott Bowser, Canada


Michele Fisher, Canada


Daniel Svensson, Sweden

Oleksandr Gryniuk, Ukraine

Mats Marcusson, Sweden

Nicholas Littlejohn, USA

Kalushka Bohdan, Ukraine

Isabell Salzinger, Germany

Tanja Huber, Germany

Helena Ftangogiannis, Greece

Martin Pujdak, Canada

Miroslav Grubelic, Venezuela

Urban Planner

Boris Alexander FUGE, Luxembourg

Civil servant

Therese Protheroe, United Kingdom

NHS staff member

Liselott Martynenko Agerlid, Sweden


Krister Thelin, Sweden

Justice of Appeal (ret.) and former member HRC

Mikael Löfgren, Sweden


Anna Wiremyr, Sweden


Fredrik Lundström, Sweden


Hugo Barklund, Sweden

Management Consultant

Ulrika Steiner, Sweden

Former Management consultant

Eva Ullrich, Germany

Civil servant

Per Breimer, Sweden


Sandra Robinson, United Kingdom

Writer& Designer

Angelika Mohr, Germany


Per Stångberg, Sweden

Staffan Strömbäck, Sweden

Johan Linder, Thailand

Thomas Lundgren, Sweden

Michael Nordstedt, Sweden

Kjell Månsson, Sweden

Christian Palme, Sweden

Andrea Engle, USA

Neil Davies, United Kingdom

Ivan Petkow, Germany

Max Lindholm, Sweden

Seppo Salmivuori, Sweden

Matt Yan, Canada

Dagfinn A. Mork, Norway

Cindy Vasko, USA


Ben Maracek, USA


Alexander Zagibalov, Russia

Game designer

Māra Poļakova, Latvia


Alexandros Matakos, Finland


Iryna Kwasny, USA

Attorney, MaidanSF

Natacha Richer, France

Freelance transcriber and translator

Filippo Maria Novellino, Italy


Bert Caris, Netherlands

Policy Officer

Rigoula Georgiadou, Greece

Freelance translator

Alexander Virchow, Germany

Ana Sofia Baltazar Fernandes, Portugal

Massimo Virgilio Lallai, Italy

John Roche, USA

Sviatoslav Batsyts, Ukraine

Marina Skaanes, Norway

Peter Van Damme, Belgium

Anna Kostiw-Obst, Germany

Juanita Gibson, New Zealand

Irena Mahlaj, Poland

Shannon Scott, USA

Nicholas Allen, United Kingdom

Milena Machovcová, Czech Republic

David Bennett, United Kingdom

Company Director

Jürgen Kukk, Estonia


Julia Taylor, United Kingdom

Mental Health Nurse

Julia Mackenzie, Canada

Communications Manager

Juan Radziwiluk, Argentina/Ukraine

Pastor, missionary

Dominic Krap, Germany

Jason Spratt, Ireland

Olha Danyliv, Ukraine

Sabine Haag, Germany

Tamara Hyland, Canada

Jenny Bannink, South Africa

Albena Rousseva, Belgium

Robert Suprun, Canada

Darren Edgington, United Kingdom

Eugen Rieker, Germany

Addison Schonland, USA

Helena Stephens, Canada

Iryna Solodka, Ukraine

Bo Palinic, USA

Carl Peter Clampit, Spain

Rüdiger Weigel, Germany

Marianne Meese, USA

Krzysztof Szymczyk, USA/Poland/Canada

Manager, pharma industry

Paulo Ventura, Portugal

Art Teacher

vRory A. Regula, USA

Case Manager

John Gather, Germany

Communication trainer

Peter McDonagh, United Kingdom


Wouter Frylinck, South Africa

Ex-BCX (Retired)

Marko Kelava, Croatia/Germany

Software Engineer

Richard Finston, United Kingdom


Catarina Isaksson, Sweden

Juerg Burri, Switzerland

Laci White, USA

Sverre H. Huseby, Norway

Garth Ashamu, Canada


Wojciech Bryk, Poland

Supply chain

Paula Capasso, USA


Steven Palmer, United Kingdom

Company Director

Mbuyi Sinzahera, Democratic Republic Of the Congo

Senior Program Manager, Aid Worker

Andrea Distaso, Italy


Oksana Nechai, Ukraine

Sales marketing manager

Jeff Plante, Canada

Lindsay Landscape

Emanuela Usai, Italy


Keith Rowell, Australia

Software Engineer

Ana Mendes, Portugal


Milton Sanchez, Argentina


Stef G., Bulgaria

Carlo Brandolini, Italy

Benoit Malou, Belgium

Tiago José dos Reis Toledo, Portugal

Bill Pavlakos, Canada

Carlos Gallegos, USA

Anaël Verrier, France

Francia Bravo, Canada

Thomas Enge, Germany

Lirak Krasniqi, United Kingdom/Kosovo/Albania

Bonnie O’Dell, USA

Justin Hertwig, Canada

Sebastian Maloof, USA

Alamy Guillaume, France

Danica Thanki, Slovakia

Hal Byers, USA

Valentine Lupar, Ukraine

Piotr Skowroński, Poland

Sorokina Lidiya, Russia

Olha Deidei-Volkova, Ukraine

Louis Eugene, Poland

Robert Roidl, Austria

Eduard Y., Spain

Monika Roidl, Austria

Vanessa Zähres, Germany

Robert Wojtowicz, Canada

Oleg Volkov, Ukraine

Crewing manager

Per Haarr, Norway


Judith Rang, Germany


Vivienne Anderson, United Kingdom

Hotel worker

Gerard Wallace, United Kingdom

Civil Servant

Anna Ezera, Latvia

Salaspils Rimi DPD

Sarah Woods, United Kingdom


Jamie Douglas, Ireland

Estate agent

Erin Munkacsy, USA

Ana Rita de Sousa e Silva, Portugal

Molly Hoke, USA

Viivi-Maria Mwaramwendo, Finland

Danil Zagibalov, Russia

Antony Mcevoy, United Kingdom

Gary Ingalls, USA

Frederick N Allnutt, Canada

Daniel Hellwig, Germany

Sergii Savchenko, Ukraine

Helena Woods, Australia

Lisa Held, USA

Anhelina Stoyka, Portugal

Åsa Jarra, Sweden

Lasse Bork Schmidt, Denmark


Michael Hercun, United Kingdom


Daniel Jose Suaz, Argentina


Maryna Lykhoshva, Ukraine


Anna Janik, Poland

MBA, Head of Customer Onboarding

Andrea Powell, United Kingdom


Svitlana Gravani, Germany


Peter Willis, United Kingdom


Johan Qvarfordt, Sweden

Artist, Embark Studios

Inna Selinger, USA


Nataliya Kovalchuk, USA

Svitlana Zimina, Ukraine

Sanna Pirhonen, Finland

Volodymyr Liubetskyi, Ukraine

Anna Zametaeva, Germany

Pryshedko Bohdan, Ukraine

Andi Fugard, United Kingdom

Ethan Owens, USA

Stepan Kovalskyi, Ukraine

Giann Morales, Puerto Rico

Ivan Markevich, Ukraine

Tomasz Śliwa, Poland

Girman Tetiana, Ukraine

Svitlana Owens, USA

Oleksandr Kulynych, Ukraine

Andrii Dorokhin, Ukraine

Peter Myroniuk, Australia

Vitaliy Vivchar, Ukraine

Juliette Braun, Germany

Alexander Ivanchenko, Ukraine

Eivind Andreassen, Norway

Oleksandr Chumak, Ukraine


Mykola Chyslin, Ukraine

Software engineer

Lisa Vogt, Canada


Vyacheslav Trochymenko, Ukraine


Daniel Schuepbach, Switzerland

Girts Grisans, Latvia

Iryna Danylchenko, Canada

Tetiana Osadcha, Ukraine

DD Kowalsky, Canada

Stephanie Dowbusz, USA

Chris Paladino, USA

Lena Myhrberg, Sweden

Dawn Biar, USA

Milan Hajóssy, Slovakia

Darya Ledesma, USA

Alina Borg, Denmark

Oleg Krykunenko, USA

Alla Shelest, USA

Sigurd Lydersen, Norway

Lena Hudson, USA

Tetiana Novychenko, Germany

Iryna Sazhyna, USA

Maarit Kallio, Finland

Patrizia Sowinski, USA

Marju Perova, Estonia

Kelley Willers, USA

Oleksii Novychenko, Germany

Olha Kubishyn, Germany

Yoga teacher

Dmytro Botnarenko, Ukraine

Self employed

Barry Coggan, USA


Donna Kaloc, Canada

Disability Undergraduate Researcher

Andrii Gryganskyi, USA


Pedro José Beteta Gonzalez, Spain

Technical architect

Rachelle Slater, USA


Michael Craig, USA

Computer Scientist

Brook Zelcer, USA


Darius Prakaitis, Lithuania

Annette Samuels, USA

Juratė Genytė, Lithuania

Matthias Schmidt, Germany

Heino Holstein, Germany

Marie Christine Crespo, France

Andriy Dorokhin, Ukraine

Albina Shuyska, Denmark

Lena Lamel, USA

Kateryna Chupak, Ukraine

Jamoulle Claire, Belgium

Luke Leeden, Australia


Paul Terdal, USA

Public Policy Advocate

Helen Connor, Australia


James Phillips, United Kingdom


Mall Hellam, Estonia

Civic activist

Kate Jakobsone


Maria Copeland, USA

History Teacher

Yuriy Datsyk, USA

Vice-president , Prado Dance, Inc.

Jackie Hegarty, Ireland

Irish Goverment

Iryna Danylchenko, Canada

Business owner

Rebecca Haynes, Australia


Alexander Rose, USA

Veritable Consultants

Robert Suprun, Canada

Volodymyr Liubetskyi, Ukraine

Cindy Gertsakis, Canada

Carlos Gallegos, USA

William Voskuil, Romania

David Sabra, United Kingdom

Matías Golzan Granda, Spain


Vanderlei Desanti, Brazil

Maria Copeland, USA

History teacher

Luke Leeden, Australia

Engineer O&G

Jack Knickerson, USA

John Bourassa, Canada

Robert C. Cline, USA

Land Management

Oleg Romaško, Estonia

Maryna Lipska, Ukraine

Adam Backer, United Kingdom

Telecommunications Operator

Anton Burson, Israel

Becket Colon, Spain

Naomi Morris, United Kingdom

Malgorzata Cieslak, Italy

Marta Midyana, USA

Law Student

Alexander Wöll, Germany

Professor of Central and Eastern European Literature and Culture, Universität Potsdam


Oleg Romaško, Estonia

Jan Broel-Plater, Sweden

Eduard Medvedev, Ukraine

Joint-stock company DniproAzot

Artem Bykhalo, Ukraine

Lawyer in the Department of Contracts and Public Purchases of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission

James McMillan, USA


Stephen McCoull, United Kingdom

Service Delivery Manager

Ørjan Ivan Aasheim Nielsen, Norway

Marty Zafra Martell, Italia

Niranjan Adhikari, Nepal

Attorney at Law

Juratė Genytė, Lithuania

Amanda Kamla, USA

Krzysztof Szymczyk, Poland, Canada, USA

Automation Engineering Manager

Kathryn Park, United Kingdom

Jerome Deakin, United Kingdom

Senior project manager

Stefan Keel, Switzerland

Financial controller

Cormac Smith, United Kingdom

Former Special Advisor to Ukranian Government

Iuliia Berezovskaia, France

Association Grani

Ryan Fender, USA

Philippe Devaux, Belgium


James McHugh, Ireland

Christoph Marx, Germany

Kevin McPeek, USA

Tamás Szikora, Hungary

Ivanka Zajac, USA

President, United Ukrainian American Organizations of New York, UCCA

Denys Heletii, Ukraine

Yulia Abramchuk, Ukraine

Oleh Paliamar, Ukraine

Oleksandr Leleka, Ukraine

Virginie Maneval, France

Laurent Berthel, Poland

Charlotte Scherping Larsson, Sweden

Jeffrey Stephaniuk, Canada

Lauri Pohtila, Finland

Home father 6 years

Katri Faehling, Germany

Iryna Velychko, Ukraine


Svitlana Holubeva, Ukraine

Rory MacMahon, United Kingdom

Lotte Timm, Denmark

Neven Sikic, Croatia

Richard Atkinson, United Kingdom

Business development manager, Meda International Ltd

Karla Wagner, Netherlands

Chairperson, Technologia Incognita

Jolanta Szemplińska, Poland


Ondrej Panuska, Czechia

Piotr Prytulak, Poland

Cory Rakowski, Canada

Eric Swanson, USA

Kristina Kand, United Kingdom

Carla Prassel, Germany

Boris Alexander Fuge, Luxembourg

Civil servant

Nick Boulton, United Kingdom

Jonathan Friend, USA

Amy Lynn Vukov, Canada


Peter Lyholm Sørensen, Denmark

Jana Fekiacova, Slovakia

Benn Springer, United Kingdom

Olha Pylypchook, Ukraine

Ben Maracek, USA

Educator, Beaver Area High School

Sue Dymond, Scotland, United Kingdom

Monique Camarra, Italy

Analyst, 4 years, Kremlin File

Kimmy Robinson, USA

Gabriela Rata, Romania

Software Engineer

Pilar Martín Delgado, Spain

Emilia Salgado, Australia

Ivan Bembekli, USA


Martin Simon, Canada

Larissa Szepetyk Fraser, Canada

Music Instructor

Ulrich Mohrhoff, Germany

Author (quantum physics)

Nicolas Trichereau, France


Danica Thanki, Slovakia

Rossella Zugan, Italy

Steffen Sorensen, Denmark

Category manager

James McHugh, Ireland

Private Individual

Tetiana Dukers, Ukraine

Bohdan Luhovyy, Canada

Danylo Zakydalsky, Canada

Irving Mauricio Rivera Patino, Germany

Laura Alves, Austria


Pavol Mráz, Slovakia

Natalie Hanzon, Sweden

Career counselor

Rick Radillo, USA

Sandra Bauer, Canada

Vladyslava Burmistrova, Canada

Matthew Romaniuk, Canada

Sr Financial Analyst

Sophia F, Canada

Undergraduate student

Iryna Klymyshyn, USA

Jakob Seerup, Denmark

Historian, Ph.D.

Leslie Carver, USA

Aerospace engineer

Ludmilla Rowinsky, USA


Vanessa Sondergeld, Germany

Raffaele Forgione, Italy


Engelmann Peter, Germany

Managing Director, Producer, CEO Endurance Entertainment GmbH

Albert von Horn, Sweden

Sue Rava, Australia

Product development

Daniel Stenser, Sweden

Project leader

Sean Harty, USA

Luther Davies, United Kingdom

Director, Tinker Tailor Design

Jordan Maris, United Kingdom, France

Parliamentary Assistant, European Parliament

Anne Cooper, Australia


Tony Gunnarsson, Sweden


Victor Zuev, Ukraine

Lew Pawluk, USA

Paul Tyrrell, Australia

Gelke Broersma, Netherlands


Otakar van Gemund, Czechia


Anders Christensen, Denmark

Sales manager

Andrew Barnes, New Zealand

Marius-Iulian Ungureanu, Romania

Alexandra Hanzon, Sweden


Carla Lacerda, Brasil

John Emmanuel Ramos, Philippines

Baseball Player

Carrie Kubena, USA

Maksym Kyiak, Ukraine

Chief researcher at the Kuras Institute (Kyiv), PhD.

Leslie Bary, USA

Professor at UL Lafayette, 25 years

Danielle Franzosa, USA

Yunfeng Jiang, China

Andriy Luchkov, Germany

Senior analyst & researcher at Institute for European Integrity (IEI)

Mykyta Havryliuk, Ukraine


Yuliya Tomashchuk, United Kingdom

Data Engineer

Oksana Bashuk, Canada

Media commentator

Taras Polataiko, Canada


Mykola Skolozdra, Ukraine

Lead Programmer, Iron Tower Studio

Jürgen Nauditt, Germany

Maria Cathcart, Canada

Gilda Fontes, Portugal

Wendy Wyatt, USA


Massimiliano Giavarini, Italia

Arne Homme, Norway

Domenic Gratta, Canada

Public Servant, Integrity Services

Pamela Scott, USA

President, GPS Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.

Marco Crespo, Australia

Not Applicable

Simon Hunt, United Kingdom

Agneta Marina Oskarsson, Denmark

Kristof Krupp, Denmark

Kathryn Park, United Kingdom

Ksenya Voevodin, Australia

Engelmann Peter, Germany

Managing Director, Filmmaker, Producer

Mircea-Cristian Racasan, Austria

Tomoya Koga, Japan


Jonathan Rice, Ireland


Sabine Kaienburg, Germany

Oksana Shramko, Ukraine

Hospital Nurse

Danilo De Montis, Italia

Annie-Claude Rullier, France

Heikki Arponen, Finland

AI Researcher

Yuhui Liao, China

Manager of Beijing Europe-China innovation information consulting ltd

Terry Ralph, Ireland

Ben Paller, Germany

Vladimir Litvak, UK

Professor, University College London

Michael Blahy, USA

Silvia Cortés, Spain

Diplomat since 1992

James Seth, United Kingdom

Self employed

Raphael Goujet, France

Gorazd Cvetic, Chile

Professor of physics, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Eduard Sydorenko, Ukraine

Software engineer at Brightgroove

Yuriy Chornyi, Ukraine

Johann Davoras Davoras, Austria


Jennifer Stott, United Kingdom

Mitja Kolsek, Slovenia

Lara Gillespie, Australia


Henri Kajava, Finland

CEO, KajavaConsulting

Xavier Sauvan-Eloy, Germany


Íker Bellés Barreda, Spain


Akash Maniam, United Kingdom

Kerstin Söderholm, Finland

Eloy Gabián Vidal, Spain

Jais Adam, France

Assistant professor of psychology, Heriot-Watt University

Geoffrey Ward, Australia

Michael Wardatzky, Germany


Carina Westling, United Kingdom (and Sweden)

Heidi Bilas, Canada

Registered Nurse

Alessandro Justesen Leoni, Denmark

Jean-Michel Allix, France

Rose Cody, USA

Mary Virginia Hammond, USA


Sebastian Korten, Germany

Annette Ahlbin Hansen, Sweden

Kristina Kand, United Kingdom

Heiko Bertram, Germany

Marie Castany, France

Niccoló Palazzini, Italia

Küllu Tišajev, Estonia

Dmitriy Borzhkovskiy, USA

Data engineer

Markus Oliver Korten, Germany

Andreas Monden, Germany

Jan Willem de Groot, Netherlands


Christian Mueller, Germany

Manuel Eller, Germany

Annalisa Segoloni, Italy

Jan Miknyik, Czechia

James Scaminaci III, USA

Retired navy intelligence officer

Katja Hvidsten, Norway

Anton Drabkin, Israel

Bernard Tingle, Spain

Robert Fountain, Belgium

Lesia Gillen, Ireland

Connor Blumhoff, United Kingdom

Tom Currie, Canada

Retired engineer

Li Pui Shing Li, Hong Kong

Galja Mallie, USA

Bob Balycky, Canada



Ros Chappell, United Kingdom

Salvatore Fernandez, Italia

Tamara Hyland, Canada

Arinbjörn Kuld, Iceland


Cornelia Fuchs, Germany

Language teacher

Fabrizio Ammollo, Italy

Irina Baschirova, Moldova

English teacher

Maria de Lourdes Feitor Carapelho, Portugal


Simone Müller, Germany

Sarah C., United Kingdom

Irma Petraityte-Luksiene, Germany

Mykola Grokholskyi, USA

Nathalie Vander Eecken, Belgique

Morten Engen, Norway

Hans Widmer, Switzerland

Norbert Nélaton, Canada

Regina MacMahon, United Kingdom


Maryna Skugareva, Ukraine


Mattias Erikson, Sweden

Tetiana Musiichenko, Ukraine

Self employed

Massimo Lallai, Italy

Elizabeth Macías, Mexico

Vida Jaugelis, Canada

Karen Watson, Canada

Alastair Calderwood, United Kingdom

Kacper Sienicki, Poland

Alastair Thomson, United Kingdom

Philip Hurwood, Australia

Rafael García Albero, Spain

Military in reserve

Pia Nyman-Aro, Finland

Bartosz Szarmach, Poland


Mark Mallinder, United Kingdom

Mamen Pascual, Spain

Silvia Rodriguez, Spain

Emilia Salgado, Australia

Manager, Development

Morris Stupak, Canada

Sverre H Huseby, Norway

Marta Neuman, Germany


7 5








Bosnia and Herzegovina







Czech Republic











Hong Kong




Isle of Man
















New Zealand








Russian Federation


Saudia Arabia



South Africa

South Korea









United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United Republic of Tanzania

United States of America